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How to Get Digital Marketing Certification from Google & How Much Does It Cost

Google digital marketing is a process of selling products, goods or services online with the help of several digital technologies. The primary marketing medium used here is the internet. But there are some other marketing media also available for Google digital marketing, which include display ads, and mobile devices and so on. Since digital marketing is an innovative cum efficient type of marketing with numerous benefits, it is being utilized by most of the companies nowadays for their business enhancement. Off course, some companies are planning to improve their budget for digital marketing.

It is a perfect career choice to become a digital marketer, since digital marketers are in a great demand in today’s modern world. Also, digital marketing has a great scope in the future. Such increasing scope is mainly because of the revolutionary modifications happening in the technologies of smart phones and internet. A digital marketing expert should be aware of the updated skills and techniques on a daily basis.

Various digital marketing courses are available in the market nowadays for a person to become a Google digital marketer. Out of the various courses for learning digital marketing strategies, certain courses are certified courses. One such certified course is CDMM, which is abbreviated as ‘Certified digital marketing master’.

Concepts covered by digital marketing courses:

The following are some of the concepts covered commonly by all kinds of digital marketing courses in the market:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and
  • Content marketing.

Tips for getting certification in Google digital marketing:

  • Utilize a right Google account by creating or selecting it.
  • Get linked with Google partners
  • Complete the profile, which is being created.
  • Perfect exam preparation
  • Face fundamental exams and additional exams
  • Try to get pass in the exams
  • Try some kinds of Google digital marketing courses in popular institutes.

Fees details of digital marketing courses:

Fee usually depends on the type of course and the institute that teaches digital marketing strategies. But approximately we can say that the course fees for a digital marketing program may be around 45,000 rupees in our country. By assumption we can also say that the minimum amount charged for a digital marketing course is around 8000 rupees and that of the maximum amount is around 75,000 rupees. In general, the digital marketing training is conducted in two different modes. One is the Class room program and the other is the online learning (e-learning). Charges imposed for the classroom program is higher than that of the e-learning program.

The difference in course charges among the various institutes is mainly because of the following factors:


It is the major factor that influences the charges for the digital marketing courses. Those institutes that offer courses at a high quality charges more than that of the institutes that offer courses at a low or medium quality. Course quality normally denotes the content quality. If a person chooses the high quality institutes for learning digital marketing courses, then he need to pay some higher fees, in order to acquire quality training. Also those high quality institutes will make the learners aware of the recent updates in the aspects of social media and search engines. They too provide high quality course materials to the learners.


The learner can acquire the professional skills of the mentor, if the institute is having a highly experienced and trusted mentor. He may provide a complete support, encouragement and guidance to all his active learners. A good mentor is far better than a teacher, since he can be able to teach updated skills to the learners. Hence it is essential that a digital marketing institute should have a good mentor. If an institute holds a good mentor with a perfect profile, then it can impose huge course charges. After a better analysis, we came to know that most of the renowned digital marketing institutes have a record of industry expertise mentors with them.

Place or city:

Usually the institutes located in the metro cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi charges more for teaching digital marketing course, in comparison with the other cities. All these metro cities come in the category ‘tier 1 cities’. The approximate course fees in these cities might be around 50000 to 70000 rupees. Next category is the ‘tier 2 cities’ which comprise the cities like Vadodara, Pune, Kanpur and Vishakapattinam. These cities charges around 40000 to 50000 rupees approximately for the courses. The final category is the ‘tier 3 cities’, which comprise the cities like Kochi, Nasik and Ludhiana. These cities charges cheap rates, which might be approximately around 10000 to 12000 rupees.


The institutes should teach extra ordinary knowledge by making the syllabus to cover all the essential aspects needed for the digital marketing phenomenon. This means that knowledge equivalent to the knowledge of the industry experts must be taught to the learners effectively. Here the word ‘knowledge’ not only denotes the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical knowledge. Why because, the practical knowledge only will make the learners as successful digital marketers. The modules associated for getting the practical knowledge include the following:

  1. Search engine marketing or SEO
  2. Inbound marketing
  3. Facebook advertisement mastermind
  4. Business site setup
  5. Web analytics
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Search engine marketing including Adsense and Google adwords
  9. Email marketing.

Job assurance:

Learners might prefer those institutes with higher chances of job placements. They might think that an institute giving 100% job assurance is far better than an institute with no job assurance. Hence it is essential that a good institute must offer placement facilities to the learners. Also, the learners will be ready to pay a large amount of course fees to the institutes with guaranteed placements. They not only look for a job, but also for a good salary package and a better job position.

Types of courses available in digital marketing:

Certification in Google advertising requires learning of the following courses:

  • Fundamental Ad words course: Targeting efficient audiences by the use of advertisements.
  • Display ads course: The advertisers will reach the targeted customers via Google display network (a largest ad network). This is usually done at the time of internet browsing by the customers.
  • Video ads course: Reaching the targeted customers with the help of most engaging contents (videos).
  • Analytics course: It involves the working procedure of Google analytics.
  • Shopping ads course: It involves the promotion of E-commerce store. It also involves the setting up of merchant center and uploading of practices and feeds.
  • Mobile ads course: It has become popular with the increased use of mobile devices. It involves the creation of mobile campaigns.
  • Search ads course: Targeting efficient audiences with the help of keywords. It also involves the creation of Google search campaign.
  • My business course
  • Course of tools and practices.

Steps to be followed to become a digital marketer:

In addition to studying the digital marketing courses, the learner should also follow the below mentioned steps, in order to make a successful career in digital marketing:

  • Social media exposure
  • LinkedIn profile setup
  • Networking group setup
  • Making link with good mentors
  • Being updated with the new trends
  • Blog setup

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