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Tips for Measuring and Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Google and other search engines are constantly informing their ranking algorithms to enhance the fame of the results they serve to the users. Network traffic is the most prominent role to foster any online businesses.

Improving site’s SEO is more like a race. SEO users have to be in track of industry news, search engine tool updates, and to have a clear vision in their SEO Strategy. Before enhance the site, we need to analsye the current website. There might be n number of things to measure the success of the SEO campaigns. Google Analytics must be the best analytic software for e-commerce or blogging business and they are offering for free of cost too.

SEO Strategy Measurement

Technical SEO

While developing SEO plan, consider the technical-based issue factors.

  • Check the speed of website periodically.
  • Check search engine crawls
  • Use Precise Alt tags for image
  • Check for Device Optimization
  • Focus on quality rather than the lengthy content
  • Meta elements must be added clearly in all pages

Measuring Performance through Social Media

  • Check how the traffic is increased for your pages
  • Look for the pages that are not have traffic since created
  • Count the number of social media visitors changed to conversions

If the above results are not satisfied by you, look where the lagging occurs. We have given some topics to concentrate while enhancing the website.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is nothing but the percent of visitors who left the site after viewing single page. These type of users will seek only information relevant to their search. A high bounce rate sometimes a bad indicator because the users are not satisfied with your page. Your page doesn’t targeted the right keywords.

Pages Per Visitor

The more pages the user visits, the more engaging your site is. Google always leads the users the most pertinent pages that provides great value where other sites can’t offer. This measurement helps you to serve better. Make sure the data is unbiased but analyses are biased. Look deep enough to find the analyses not just the measurement.

Time Spent on Site

The most important measurement is total time spent by visitors on the pages. This statistics is helpful for understanding the intention of users and how we can work on that. Always make sure the landing page from the link is relevant to the link keywords.

Enhance SEO Strategy

Quality Content and keywords:

After deciding the topic for your blog or site, you need to come up with the content idea.

Many of the marketing bloggers will stuck and say that there is no topic to write on. Think about what google users will haunt for. Create topics that people will often look for. Recent researches have told that the lengthy content assists to be on top of search engine results because more keywords have been used.

Apart from building content, we need to consider the quality of write-up by providing diverse sort of content such as graphs, images, quiz, etc. It helps people to engage with the blog posts and enhances the feel-and look of the website.

Keep monitoring the rank of keywords and check continuously whether there are any new competitors joined in your ranking.

Device Optimization

Device optimization takes an important role in increasing SEO ranking. A site must be optimized for all digital devices. Test your site KPI’s with all devices. Monitor the engagement metrics all the time and look out when there is short fall, which could be unfavorable to your site’s SEO.

User Engagement

User engagement measures the over-all success of blog/site. Include Notification/Follow button to send notification for your posts to the website visitors. Have a comment section for each post so that the users will give feedbacks that might be helpful to know what they are haunting for and measure how well our content is accomplishing.

Social Media Integration

Include Social media tools like Share, Tweet to your website that helps readers to share the content to other users. Social Media plays pivotal role in engaging users.

Social media drives more traffic, builds branding image, and creates more conversions.


If the mentioned strategies followed, we are very sure that your site will be performing better than your competitors. You need to track your performance periodically to guarantee the future success. Ranking top among all other site itself is a huge success. To maintain the ranking same in future, you have to convert the visitors to customers.

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