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Courseinn's frontend developer course in Chennai is a best-in-class UI developer course. This course covers all the major front-end development modules. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Angular, and more. Our internship-based front end development course will help you get the most demand skills you need to build a career in the IT industry.

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Front-End Developer Course Overview

Front-end development is part of full-stack web development industry. A front-end developer builds the user interface of front-end websites and web applications. The front-end developer is an essential resource for any full-stack web development team, working very closely with the back-end developers.

Courseinn's front-end development course in Chennai is a beginner-to-expert course. Our front-end course modules have created by real-time working full-stack developers who excel in the industry. Our Front-End Web Development Course helps you equip yourself with the in-demand skills you need to build and develop the website and application.

By the end of the front-end development course, you will be able to create a responsive website using HTML 5, CSS3, Flexbox, and JavaScript. Also, you can develop interactive web apps using JavaScript Libraries like React or Angular.

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Why Choose Our Front-End Developer Course?

Flexible Front-End Classes

Get Flexible Instructor-Led Online and Classroom Frontend Developer Training Classes in chennai.

Unlimited Practical Classes

Get Unlimited Front-End Development Practical Classes to Become a Expert in Frontend development.

Interview & Career Guidance

Get Guidance from a team expert to prepare the front-end development resume and interview.

Learn From Front-End Web Developers

Get live Front-end Development Training from real-time working with 10+ years experience front-end web developers.

100% Internship Opportunity

Get Guaranteed frontend development internship upto 6 Months with Hands of Live Project Expriences & Certificate.

100% Placement Assistance

Get Frontend Development Skill based 100% placement Opportunity from Courseinn Placement Team.

Your First Step Towards a Success

Apply for Front-End Developer Course in Chennai. Learn, Practice with Internship to Boost your credibility and advance your Frontend career skills.

Roadmap for Front End Web Developer

What You Will Learn This Front End Developer Course

You will learn a comprehensive set of skills and technologies required to become a proficient full-stack developer.

Web Programming Basics: Days 1-3

This web Programming basics is essential module of Front-end Development. It helps you start your journey in front-end web development. You will learn the basic skills of web programming and the structure of code and editors.

Skills Covered:
  • Basics to Web Programming.
  • Understanding UI/UX Designs & Layout.
  • Undestanding the Front-end Development.
  • Understanding the Website and Web Application.
  • Understanding the Strcure of Code and Syndex.
  • Basics of Code Editors.
Web Programming Langunage: Days 4-25

Web programming languages are used to build and develop interactive user experiences on websites and web applications. This module will help you learn web programming languages like HTML 5, CSS 3, Jquery, and JavaScript.

Skills Covered:
  • HTML 5 (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Flexbox
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Debugging and Testing
ECMAScript: Days 26-35

ECMAScript (ES6) is a scripting language that includes JavaScript, JScript, and ActionScript. The ECMAScript module would typically cover the advanced JavaScript language.

Skills Covered:
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Control Flow and Conditionals
  • Loops and Iteration
  • Functions
  • Objects and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Arrays and Array Methods
  • Working with Strings
  • ES6 Features
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Error Handling
Front-End Frameworks: Days 36-55

Front-end frameworks are JavaScript libraries. That provides a structured way to build user interfaces and front-end components for web applications. This module will cover the Majar frontend framework, such as Bootstrap, React, Angular, and more.

Skills Covered:
  • Introduction to Front-End Frameworks
  • Setting Up the Development Environment
  • State Management
  • Routing
  • Forms and Form Validation.
  • Styling and CSS Framework.
  • HTTP Requests and API Integration.
  • Authentication and Authorization.
  • Error Handling and Debugging.
  • Real-World Project Development
Deployment: Days 55-60

Deployment involves preparing and configuring the application to run in a production environment. This deployment module covers the process of taking a web application's front-end code to a live server.

Skills Covered:
  • Build Process
  • Version Control and Git
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Web Hosting and Domains
  • Static Site Hosting
  • Server Configuration
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • HTTPS and SSL Certificates
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Configuration
  • Error Monitoring and Logging
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Training Mode of Front-End Developer Course

Join Now & Learn Front-End Development in Just 2 Months with Classroom or Online Live Training Program.

Front-End Classroom Training

Courseinn's Front-End Development Training in Chennai offers classroom live classes with in-house trainer who teach you in-demands front-end development skills with real-time projects.

Front-End Online Live Training

Courseinn's Front-End Developer Course in Chennai offers live instructor-led online classes with instructors who train you in-demands front-end skills with capstone projects.

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Tools Covered

What will Learn Front-End Developer Languages and Tools

Courseinn's frontend developer course in chennai covered 10+ in-demand tool and languages.

Markup Language
Style Formatting
Bootstrap 5
Bootstrap 5
CSS Framework
Scripting Language
ES 6
React Js
React Js
React Js
Sublime Text
Sublime Text
Code Editor
VsCode Editor
VsCode Editor
Code Editor
Version Control
Version Control
Front-End Course Learning Path

Front-End Developer Course Curriculum

Our expert-level front-end developer course modules are crafted by 10+ years of experienced front-end developers in the field.

Front-End Web Development Course Syllabus and Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Module 2: HTML Essentials
  • Module 3: Text Basics
  • Module 4: HTML Techniques, HTML5
  • Module 5: Semantics & Organization
  • Module 6: Forms
  • Module 7: Tables
  • Module 8: Iframes
  • Module 10: Module 9: CSS Essentials
  • Module 11: Intermediate CSS
  • Module 12: CSS Typography
  • Module 13: Advanced CSS
  • Module 14: CSS Backgrounds
  • Module 15: How to use Web Icons
  • Module 16: Responsive Web Design
  • Module 17: Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap
  • Module 18: CSS Components in Bootstrap
  • Module 19: Flexbox in Bootstrap
  • Module 20: JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
  • Module 21: Introduction to Javascript
  • Module 22: Javascript Methods
  • Module 23: Introduction to jQuery
  • Module 24: The jQuery Animation/ Effects
  • Module 25: jQuery DOM Manipulation
  • Module 26: Jquery Widgets
  • Module 27: jQuery Plugins
  • Module 28: Developer Timeout!
  • Projects: PSD to HTML Conversion

  • Module 1: JavaScript ES6
  • Module 2: ES6 Arrow Function
  • Module 3: ES6 Parameters
  • Module 4: ES6 Template Literals
  • Module 5: ES6 Spread Operator
  • Module 6: ES6 Map
  • Module 7: ES6 Set
  • Module 8: ES6 Destructuring Assignment
  • Module 9: ES6 Classes
  • Module 10: ES6 Inheritance
  • Module 11: ES6 for...of
  • Module 12: ES6 Promise
  • Module 13: ES6 Asynchronous
  • Module 14: ES6 Iterators and Iterables
  • Module 15: ES6 Generators

  • Module 1: Introduction to the React World
  • Module 2: React ES6
  • Module 3: React Render HTML
  • Module 4: React JSX
  • Module 5: Components and Props
  • Module 6: React State and Lifecycle
  • Module 7: React Handling Events
  • Module 8: React Conditional Rendering
  • Module 9: React Lists and Keys
  • Module 10: React Forms
  • Module 11: React Sharing State between Components
  • Module 12: React Connecting to the Backend
  • Module 13: React Creating Generic Service
  • Module 14: React Styling Component
  • Module 15: React Managing Component State
  • Module 16: React Hooks
  • Module 17: React Router
  • Module 18: Server Integration & Deployment

  • Module 1: Introduction of Angular Framework
  • Module 2: TypeScript Fundamental
  • Module 3: Angular Fundamental
  • Module 4: Angular Components and Data Binding
  • Module 5: Angular Directives and Pipes
  • Module 6: Angular Template-driven Forms
  • Module 7: Angular Services and Dependency Injection
  • Module 8: Angular Routing and Navigation
  • Module 9: Angular Authentication & Authorization
  • Module 10: Handling forms in Angular
  • Module 11: Validating Angular Forms
  • Module 12: Testing and Application Deployment
  • Module 13: Angular Directives

  • Module 1: Code Review Tools
  • Module 2: Preparing the App for Production
  • Module 3: Getting Started & Preparing with Heroku
  • Module 4: Understanding Github
  • Module 5: MySQL - Adding the Code to a Git Repository
  • Module 6: Deploying to Heroku
  • Module 7: Viewing Logs
  • Module 8: Setting Environment Variables
  • Module 9: MongoDB in the Cloud

Start Your Front-End Career.

Apply for Front-End Developer Course in Chennai. Learn, Practice with Internship to Boost your credibility and advance your Frontend career skills.

Capstone Projects

Front-End Development Capstone Projects & Case Studies

By the end of this frontend development course, you'll be able to work on these capstone projects.

Capstone Projects

Create Landing Page

Learners can create a single page website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with Bootstrap Framework during the classes.

Capstone Projects

Multi Page Website

Learners can develop a multi page responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, with Flexbox during the practical classes

Capstone Projects

Mobile Website

Learners can create a mobile focused website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, with Media Query during the Live classes.

Capstone Projects
Admin Panel UI

Students can build dynamic and interactive admin panel framework using typescript with angular 14 during the practical sesssions.

Capstone Projects

To-Do Application

Students can create web applications like to-do web apps using react javascript library or angular typescript library during the practical sesssions.

Capstone Projects

Weather Web App

Students can build weather web apps using third party backend API with React Library or Angular framework during the practical sesssions.

Capstone Projects

URL Shortener

Learners can develop a URL shortener single page web application using React Library or Angular framework during the practical sesssions.

Capstone Projects
Booking Website

Case Study: Understand how to developing booking website like YourBestHair using Angular 14 with NodeJs and MongoDB.

Skill Trainers

You will be Trained by Front-End Development Expert

You will be trained by our team of front-end developers, who work on real-time projects and have 10+ years of experience in this industry.

Full Stack Development Trainer

Senthil Kumar D

Full Stack Developer
CoFounder of Courseinn
Full Stack Development Trainer

Karthi Pasumpon

Front End Developer Mentor
Front End Developer from Bigziel
Full Stack Development Trainer

Prasanth Selva

UI Developer Mentor
UI Developer
Corporate Template


Front End Developer Mentor
Front End Developer
Student Feedback

Courseinn's Frondend Developer Course Reviews

Discover what our students have to say about our well structured full stack development training in chennai!

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Senthil Arasu
Frontend Development Student

I'm Senthil I have completed my front end development course in Courseinn academy. Mr.Bharani sir is our trainee for us, He is very helpful for us to gain technical knowledge.They providing Internship it is very helpful to improve our skills.

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Puniya Salish
Frontend Development Student

I have completed web designing course at coursein academy. In which i gathered lot of knowledge in web designing. Moreover they are providing more practical sessions which was helpful in understanding each concepts.

Clint Images
Aarthi Jaisankar
Frontend Development Student

I studied Frontend development course at Courseinn Academy.....My trainer Mr.Bharani was very helpful in teaching all concepts with live examples . Overall it's a best place to learn Frontend development. Thanks for courseinn academy.

Clint Images
Abirami Badhe
Frontend Development Student

I had a wonderdul experience in courseinn academy learning front-end web development from Mr karthick, who was extremely skilled both as a teacher and as a developer. I'd most defenitely recommened this institution for learning any new course from scratch.

Clint Images
Syed Ahamed
Frontend Development Student

I done web development course here. training was good. My trainer Mr. Senthil taught each and every concepts in a clear way with real use case. Thanks to Senthil sir and Courseinn. Cleared all my doubts without hesitation which I didn’t expect.


Have a Question with Our Front end Developer Course?

Here, you can get the answer to your question about our Full Stack Development course in Chennai.

Yes, being a front-end developer remains a good career choice for the future. The demand for skilled front-end developers has been on the rise. As industries continue to invest in online presence and digital products, the need for talented front-end developers is likely to persist. So get in-demand skills from Courseinn's Frontend Development Training and become a successful front-end developer.

Front-end development training is open to anyone, and having a strong foundation in communication and computer knowledge can be highly beneficial for participants in the training.

Front-End Developer Course is beginner-friendly. Any one can learn who are interested in learning and building skills in front-end web development. he course is suitable for: Beginners, Students, Career Switchers, Self-taught Developers, Designers, Freelancer, and other professionals.

Yes, a fresher can learn front-end web development. The key to learning any skill is practise, patience, and persistence. Enrol in our job-ready front-end developer course in Chennai and get trained by experts.

Yes, it is possible to learn front-end development skills in two months, especially if you are dedicated and committed to learning.

The cost of front-end developer training in Chennai ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50000. To inquire about our pricing, you can either call us at +91 9962097767 or access our live chat for instant assistance.

Courseinn Academy aims to provide every module in a clear and prospective way to the aspirants. The faculty members who handle classes or training sessions in the course are from industry backgrounds. Live projects, hands-on experience, an on-trend curriculum structure, and a syllabus are the important considerations that made Courseinn Academy succeed in the course training.

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