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Web Designing Course in Chennai with Endless Internship

  • 2 Months
  • Tamil & English
  • Expert Level Course

In this web designing course, you will learn how to build websites using HTML 5 and CSS 3. This is an exclusive website design course that covers basic to expert-level skills. With our hands-on internship with live web design projects. At the end of this web designing course in Chennai, you will be a job-ready front-end developer.

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About our Web Designing Course

Are you planning to start a career in the web design industry? Web design is part of front-end development. The process of constructing a website with user experience aspects. Being the one creating the website, you need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Git.

Courseinn Academy is one of the best web designing institutes in Chennai. We provide live interactive web design training with an internship. This training will help to learn all the essential skills needed to build a website with hassle free. Our web design course is 100% practical classes with step by step method hands on experience. By the end of the website design course, you will have built a solid portfolio of responsive websites.

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Why Choose Us Our Web Designing Training?

Offline / Online Web Designing Classes

Gain flexibility with live, interactive online and offline web design classes on weekdays and weekends.

Unlimited Web Design Practical Sessions

Get unlimited website designing practical sessions to build responsive websites hassle-free.

Web Designing Career & Interview Guidance

Get valuable career and interview guidance from experts to launch a career in web design.

Learn From Full Stack Web Developer

Learn web designing skills from 12+ years of experience as an in-house full-stack web developer.

Web Designing Internship with Certficate

Get endless web designing internships and hands-on real-life projects with an internship certificate.

100% Job Placement Assistance

Get an in-demand website designing skills-based interview opportunity from our placement team.

Get Started on Learning

For joining the Web Designing Course in Chennai, you can call or WhatsApp us at +91 9962097767. Our experts will guide you through the enrollment process.

Web Designers Roadmap

What You Will Learn from this Web Designer Training in Chennai

You will learn following in-demand web designing skills in our web designing course in Chennai to become a job ready website developer.

Web Designing Basics

To start learning web design, it's necessary to understand the essentials of building websites. In this modules covers the essential technical skills of web design. It helps you to easily understand web programming.

Basic Skills Covered:
  • Basics of Website Development and Process.
  • Understanding the key concepts of UI design.
  • Understanding the Website Layout.
  • Understanding the Website and Web Application.
  • Setup the Environment of Code Development.
  • Basic knowledge of Code Development.
HTML & CSS Programming

HTML is a markup language. CSS, on the other hand, is a styling language. HTML and CSS work together to build web pages. In this module is covers HTML 5 and CSS 3. You will learn basic to advanced skills with hands on real-life examples. By the end of HTML and CSS classes, you will be able to create layouts with ease and without any difficulty.

HTML & CSS Skills Covered:
  • Structure of HTML Documents
  • HTML 5 Tags
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Tables
  • Handling Images
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML 5 Semantics
  • CSS3 Elements
  • CSS Types
  • Box Model
  • HTML Tables
  • CSS3 Animations
  • CSS3 Transforms
  • Flexbox and Grid Layout
  • Media Queries and Responsive Layouts
JavaScript (JS) Web Scripting

JavaScript (JS) is a web scripting language. It enables you to create dynamic and interactive elements on a webpage. This module covers all JavaScript elements needed to create dynamic content and enhance user interactions. Our web designing training in chennai provides hands-on live projects that will help you become proficient in JS.

JavaScript Skills Covered:
  • JavaScript Basics and How It Works.
  • JavaScript for Web Designers.
  • DOM Manipulation.
  • Variables and Data Types.
  • Arrays and Objects.
  • Functions and selectors.
  • Event Handling.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
  • Responsive Design with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Form Validation.
  • JavaScript Animation.
Bootstrap CSS Framework

Bootstrap is a feature-packed CSS framework for responsive web development. Bootstrap is a popular open-source CSS framework. It's also a powerful front-end framework that helps developers build quick and scalable responsive web pages. This Bootstrap module covers all the built-in components and how to use them. Our live interactive web design training will help you build a website using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Skills Covered:
  • Get started with Bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap Grid System.
  • Bootstrap In-Built CSS Components.
  • CSS variables.
  • JavaScript plugins.
  • Bootstrap Icons.
  • Bootstrap Themes.
  • Live Exercise.
jQuery (JS Library)

Here are key skills and concepts covered when working with jQuery: jQuery is a feature-rich and lightweight JavaScript library. It simplifies various tasks in website development. This module will help you learn how to use jQuery in web page creation. Here are the key skills and concepts covered in our web designing course in Chennai.

jQuery Skills Convered:
  • DOM Manipulation.
  • jQuery Event Handling.
  • jQuery's AJAX methods.
  • jQuery Animation and Effects.
  • DOM Traversal and Filtering.
  • Event Delegation in jQuery.
  • Deferred and Promises.
  • AJAX Utilities.
  • jQuery plugins.
  • jQuery Tasks.
Git Version Control

Git is a popular and versatile version control system. Git helps web developers manage their code and collaborate on projects effectively. This web designing class helps students effectively manage their codebase and collaborate with team members for version control.

Git skills Covered:
  • Repository Setup.
  • Cloning Repositories.
  • Committing Changes.
  • Branching.
  • Merging.
  • Pull Requests.
  • Remote Repositories.
  • Fetching and Pulling.
  • Pushing Changes.
  • Resolving Conflicts.
  • Undoing Changes.
  • Git Ignore.
  • Tagging Releases.
  • Git Logs.

Training Mode of Web Designing Course in Chennai

Our web designing training in Chennai offers a flexible learning experience with both live classroom sessions and online modes.

Offline Web Designing Training

We offer classroom web design training in Chennai with live instructor-led classes. It includes weekdays and weekend sessions with hands-on learning. Also, get unlimited internship opportunities with certificate.

Online Web Designing Training

Our online website designing course in chennai offers live interaction based sessions. Classes will taken by 12+ experienced web developers. Get job ready website development skills with 10+ capstone projects.

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Tools Covered

Programming and Tools Covered in Web Designing Training

Our website designing course in Chennai covers industry-standard tools and language. It helps learners become proficient in website development.

Style Sheet
Bootstrap 5
Bootstrap 5
CSS Framework
Sublime Text
Sublime Text
Code Editor
VsCode Editor
VsCode Editor
Code Editor
Version Control
Version Control

Take Action to Enroll Now

To enroll in our Web Designing Training in Chennai, feel free to contact us via call or WhatsApp at +91 9962097767. Our experts will assist you in the enrollment process.

Capstone Projects

Web Design Capstone Projects & Case Studies

By end of this web designng course, you will complete the following capstone project under guidance.

Capstone Projects

Portfolio Website

Develop a personal portfolio single page website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery during the web designing classes.

Capstone Projects

Product Website

Create a product listing website for pens manufacturing company using HTML5, CSS3, JS with Bootstrap Framework.

Capstone Projects

Branding Website

Build a branding multi-page website for a car-making company during the web designing training in Chennai.

Capstone Projects
Admin Dashboard

Convert the booking platform admin dashboard ui design into to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly web page.

Skilled Web Designing Trainers

You will be Trained by Our In-House Web Developers

You will be trained by our in-house web developer, who works on our client projects with 10+ years of experience.

Full Stack Development Trainer

Senthil Kumar D

Full Stack Web Developer
CoFounder of Courseinn
Full Stack Development Trainer

Karthi Pasumpon

Front End Web Developer
Team Lead of Bigziel
Full Stack Development Trainer

Prasanth Selva

UI Web Developer
Team Head of Bigziel
Corporate Template


Front End Developer
Senior Developer at Bigziel
Student Feedback

Courseinn's Web Designing Course Reviews

Discover what our learners have to say about our web design course in Chennai.

Divya Neelamegam
Web Desiging Course Student

I have completed the web design course. My trainer, Senthil sir, provided a peaceful environment for practicing tasks along with an internship. It was a good experience with Courseinn.

Pramodh Ramesh
Pramodh Ramesh
Web Designing Course Student

I'm Pramodh. I have completed the web designing class at Courseinn. I had an exceptional experience at this center. Regular assessments helped to clarify concepts.Now, I have secured a position in Edutech company.

Web Designing Course Student

I recently completed a web designing course here. My trainer, Karthi sir, conducted live classes using Google Meet. The classes were interactive, its helpful in getting skills from scratch to advanced levels.

Nishanth Jefferson
Web Designing Student

My experience at Courseinn was awesome. I gained a lot of knowledge in web designing here. The trainer has excellent experience. Now, I have secured a position in a web development agency.

Web Designng Student

It's a good place to learn website designing. I completed the course here, covering topics from basic to advanced levels. Now, I am attending an internship here, which is very helpful for building portfolios.


Have a Question with Our Web Designng Course?

Here, you can get answers to your questions about our web designing course in Chennai.

To enroll in our web designing course, we require individuals currently pursuing a degree, freshers, and career switchers who possess basic knowledge of computers and the internet.

Our web designing course takes 2 to 3 months to complete. Upon finishing the course, you will have the opportunity to participate in an internship.

We don't just offer courses; we provide advanced web designing training, hands-on practical experience, internships, and placement assistance. For information on web designing course fees, please contact us at +91 9962097767.

Yes, a fresher can learn front-end web development. The key to learning any skill is practise, patience, and persistence. Enrol in our job-ready front-end developer course in Chennai and get trained by experts.

Yes, we are more than just an institute; we are also a web development company. Once you complete the web designing course at our institute, you can undertake an internship. During this period, our placement team will guide you in resume creation, interview preparation, and provide job opportunities.

We are a well-established web designing institute in Chennai with 10 years of experience. We boast considerable expertise, and our batch sizes are limited for personalized attention.

To enroll in our web designing course, you can contact us at +91 9962097767 or visit the institute in person to complete the enrollment process.

We accept payments in cash, through bank account transfers, and via any UPI methods.

Yes, we allow the web designing course fee to be paid in two installments.

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