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Courseinn's Software Testing Course in Chennai is designed to equip students with the in-demand skills they need to become successful software testers. Learn manual and automation test techniques from Quality Assurance experts. By the end of the software testing course, you'll be well-versed in the techniques and strategies required to be a successful software tester.

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Software Testing Course Overview

Software testing is one of the fastest-growing industries. As the demand for software grows, so does the need for quality assurnace to ensure that the software performs correctly and meets customer expectations. Software testing is a vital element of software development and skilled software testers are growing in demand.

Courseinn's job-ready software testing course in Chennai will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to grow your software testing career. You'll learn the basics and advanced software testing skills, such as creating and executing test plans, automation, and performance testing. Learn from the experts and land a job with the top software companies.

You'll also get hands-on experience in debugging and troubleshooting, which is essential for any software tester. And with the help of experienced instructors, you'll be able to understand more complex concepts with ease. So if you're looking to kickstart your software testing career, be sure to check out Software Testing Course in Chennai!Why Choose Our software Testing Course?

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Why Choose Our Software Testing Course?

Flexible Software Testing Classes

Get Flexible weekdays & weekends instructor-Led Online and Classroom Software Testing Classes in chennai.

Unlimited Software Testing Practical Classes

Get Unlimited Software Testing Practical Classes to become proficient in in-demand software testing skills.

Interview & Career Guidance

Get Guidance from a team expert to prepare your software testing resume and interview.

Learn From Software Testing Experts

Get live intractive software testing training from 10+ years experience and real-time working experts.

100% Internship Opportunity

Get a guaranteed software testing internship for up to 6 months with hands-on experience and a certificate.

100% Placement Assistance

Get software testing skills-based 100% placement opportunities from the Courseinn Placement Team.

Your First Step Towards a Success

Apply for Software Testing Training in Chennai. Learn, Practice and Boost your credibility and advance your quality assurance career skills.

What You Will Learn This Quality Assurance (QA) Course

In this software testing course in Chennai, you will learn the advanced manual and automation testing skills required to become a career-ready quality assurance (QA) engineer.

Fundamentals of Software Testing: Days 1-2

In this module on the fundamentals of software testing, you will learn the fundamental concepts and terms in software testing. Get a head start on your learning journey in quality assurance with the Job Assured software testing course.

Skills Covered:
  • Undestanding the Software Industry.
  • Understanding Software Defects.
  • Consequences of Software Defects.
  • Overview of Software Testing.
  • Need for Software Testing.
  • Common Testing Terms.
  • Role of Software Testing.
  • Objectives of Software Testing.
Manual Software Testing: Days 4-25

Manual Testing is performed by a tester by manually executing test cases without using any automated tools. In this module, You will learn manual software testing concepts with real-time examples. Get started with manual software testing skills from a leading software testing expert with confidence.

Skills Covered:
  • Life Cycle of Software Testing.
  • Software Testing Methodologies.
  • Test Case Design Techniques.
  • Levels of Testing.
  • Defect/Issue Reporting Tools
  • Risk and Testing
  • Risk and Testing.
  • Agile Methodology.
  • Real Project - Ecommerce Platform.
Automation Software Testing: Days 26-45

Automated Software Testing is a method where the Tester executes scripts on their own and uses a suitable automation tool. In this module, you will learn Java programming and advanced automation test techniques and tools, including the Selenium webdriver. Kick-start learning automation testing skills to be successful in quality assurance.

Skills Covered:
  • Automation Testing.
  • Selenium WebDriver.
  • Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium.
  • Java Advanced Concepts.
  • Selenium Methods and Actions.
  • Data Driven Testing.
  • TestNG Framework.
  • Object Model Framework.
  • Selenium Grid.
  • BDD Framework.
  • Version Control Tools.
  • Automation Tool.
  • API Testing.
Software Testing Capstone Projects: Days 46-55

After successfully completing manual and automation testing, you will be able to work on the following software testing capstone projects:

Capstone Projects Covered:
  • Cross Browser.
  • Ecommerce Website.
  • Buy Sell Platform.
  • Booking API.
  • Truck Rental System.
  • Delivery Tracking System.
  • Vendor Mobile App.
  • Service Booking Engine.
Internship & Placement: Days 55-60

Once you complete your capstone project, You will work on our live projects during the internship. In this module, you will get guidance for resume preparation and live projects. We will conduct mock interviews to increase the confidence of those attending the interviews.

Skills Covered:
  • Resume preparation.
  • Career Guidance.
  • Internship.
  • Mock Interviews.
  • Placment Opportunities.

Training Mode of Software Testing Course

Join Now & Learn Software Testing Skills in Just 3 Months with Classroom or Online Live Training Program.

Software Testing Live Classroom Training

Courseinn's Software Testing Training in Chennai offers live classroom classes with an 12+ yeard Expriences trainer who teaches you in-demand testing skills with real-time projects.

Software Testing Live Corporate Training

Courseinn's advanced software testing training program offers project-based instructor-led live corporate training for your company's employees through an organized method.

Software Testing Online Live Training

Courseinn's Software Testing Course in Chennai offers live instructor-led online testing classes with instructors who train you in-demand quality assurance skills with capstone projects.

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Tools Covered

What will Learn Software Testing Tools

Courseinn's software testing training in Chennai covered 10+ in-demand tools to become proficient in software testing skills.

Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Sheet
Google Sheet
Automation Server
Test Case
Test Management
DevOps Software
Code Engine
BDD Testing
Bug Tracking
Code Management
Software Testing Course Learning Path

Advanced Software Testing Course Curriculum

Through this software testing course in chennai, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional software testing expert.

Advanced Software Testing Course Modules

  • Module 1: Software Testing Detailed Overview.
  • Module 2: Software Development Life Cycle Process.
  • Module 3: Life Cycle of Software Testing.
  • Module 4: Software Testing Methodologies.
  • Module 5: Test Case Design Techniques.
  • Module 6: Black-Box Techniques.
  • Module 7: White-box Techniques.
  • Module 8: Experience-Based Techniques.
  • Module 9: Levels of Testing.
  • Module 10: Test Management.
  • Module 11: Test Matrix.
  • Module 12: Defect/Issue Reporting Tools.
  • Module 13: Test Progress Monitoring and Control.
  • Module 15: Risk and Testing.
  • Module 16: Agile Methodology.
  • Module 17: Real Project - Ecommerce Platform.

  • Module 1: Introduction Automation Testing.
  • Module 2: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver.
  • Module 3: Introduction to websites.
  • Module 4: Configuring Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium.
  • Module 5: Learning Java.
  • Module 6: Java Advanced Concepts.
  • Module 7: Selenium Methods and Actions.
  • Module 8: Data Driven Testing (Apache POI).
  • Module 9: TestNG Framework.
  • Module 10: Page Object Model Framework.
  • Module 11: Selenium Grid.
  • Module 12: BDD Framework.
  • Module 13: Database Interaction.
  • Module 14: Test Automation Reports.
  • Module 15: Source Control & Version Control Tools.
  • Module 16: Build Automation Tool.
  • Module 17: Continuous Integration Tool.

  • Module 1: All the Aspects of API Testing.
  • Module 2: SQL Testing.
  • Module 3: Agile Methodology (SCRUM).
  • Module 4: In Depth of Performance Testing.
  • Module 5: In Depth of Security Testing.
  • Module 6: API Test Automation.
  • Module 7: Mobile Automation.
  • Module 8: Testing Pyramid Implementation.
  • Module 9: Advance Test Automaton Framework Creation.
  • Module 10: Real Time Projects and Execution

Start Your QA Career

Apply for Software Testing Training in Chennai. Learn, Practice and Boost your credibility and advance your quality assurance career skills.

Capstone Projects

Software Testing Capstone Projects & Case Studies

By the end of this software testing course, you'll be able to work on these capstone projects.

Capstone Projects

Cross Browser

In this project, You will create a test case for a dynamic Magento-based e-commerce web application using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Capstone Projects

Ecommerce Website

In this project, You will create a test case for a dynamic Magento-based e-commerce web application using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Capstone Projects

Buy Sell Platform

In this project, You will create a test case for a Magento-based classified web application using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Capstone Projects
Booking API

In this project, You will create a test case for a React and Nodejs-based booking engine mobile app using technologies such as Appium with SCRUM Techniques.

Capstone Projects

Truck Rental System

Students can create web applications like to-do web apps using react javascript library or angular typescript library during the practical sesssions.

Capstone Projects

Weather Web App

In this project, You will create a test case for a PHP and MySql-based truck rental web apps using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Capstone Projects

Delivery Tracking

In this project, You will create a test case for a React and Node based delivery tracking web apps using technologies such as Selenium with Java, TestNG, and Jira.

Capstone Projects
Vendor Mobile App

In this project, You will create a test case for a PHP or NodeJs based vendor listing app using technologies such as Appium with SCRUM Techniques.


Software Testing Expert Come Trainer

Thennarasu is a leading quality assurance engineer and mentor whose life was spent for software testing and his love of nature. He has extensive knowledge of various software testing methodologies and Strong experience in the software testing domain, with a proven track record of successful testing projects.

Student Feedback

Courseinn's Software Testing Course Reviews

Explore the feedback from our students regarding our well structured software testing training in Chennai!

Nazeema Rafiq
Software Testing Student

This is one of the best institute for learning Software testing course. They provide a flexible time to classes to learn. Also they provided me internship to gain more practical knowledge.Here the classes are very clear and made easy to understand. I would like to thank my trainer Thennarasu sir who guided me.

Vijaya Lakshmi
Vijaya Lakshmi
Software Testing Student

I have completed software testing course in courseinn academy. Now i got placed in CTS. It is the best training center to improve your skills. Training starts from basic to advance level. The trainer teaching level is fully practical and well knowledgeable. I really like the support team also whenever I call they respond immediately.

Swetha Kathiresan
Swetha Kathiresan
Software Testing Student

The best real time oriented training in chennai.. not only concept they teach everything about software testing.. Trainer is very knowledgeable and explains each concept with clear examples. Thanks CourseInn and Thennarasu sir for the wonderful opportunity given to me. Thanks courseinn academy.

Software Testing Student

Recently i joined for learning software testing course. My trainer Mr.Thennarasu is very good and teached everything crystal clear. this is the best place to start your carrer. Mr.thennarasu for giving such wonderful knowledge and taught me to crack the interviews.. now i got placed in startup company with good package

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