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Top 10 Challenges In Digital Marketing Career And How To Overcome Them

Are you working in the digital marketing field? Are you engulfing your energy hard to get ahead of digital trends and bring out new differences in the digital spheres of your brand?
If your head nods towards yes, then you are undergoing the same which most of the digital marketers are experiencing these days. Even though with a sound experience in the digital marketing field marketers are striving desperately to gain attention from the competitive user community, due to the constantly shifting algorithms and the change in strategies.

“We are surviving in a world where most of the competing companies are engaging in digital entities.”

A career in digital marketing can be terrible sometimes, but knowing precisely about the challenges can reduce the excessive burden in half. We have compiled a top 10 challenges in a digital marketing career and the most effective ways to overcome them in this article.
Alright if you are willing to note the changes in the upcoming digital projects, then continue with this article. The good news over here is an intelligent digital marketer can master these challenges in their respective industry. Whatever it may be there will eternally be at least one area that you can utilize to improve and make effective revenue generator.
Are you puzzled in encountering the obstacles that other digital marketers face? Come let’s unlock the secrets to overcome it!

Challenge #1: Operational budget

Maintaining a more adequate budget for digital advertising campaigns is often easier to say than done. Especially, smaller organizations are spending the low budget for campaigns resulting in losing the capacity to attract customers.
What you can typically do to overcome

Instead of worrying about the marketing budget, carefully keep track of the potential efficacy of your marketing efforts based on ROI. In addition, make use of some of the free tools available like Google Analytics which help highly in grasping the demands of your targeted market along with the sales and conversions of the figures.

Challenge #2: Producing Necessary Referrals

One of the leading career challenges that most of the digital marketer faces today is being able to build up effective referrals to the specific brands. It is not always straightforward to make the consumers click your ads, social media posts or other online media to take action on your website in this competitive digital space.

What you can typically do to overcome

However, you can get the chance of getting click-throughs to your official website by merely ensuring a short, sharp and extremely specific CTA for your potential consumer. Foremost, consider having a digital marketing workshop or online course and practice this issue slightly on your projects on social media and emails. Endure this into action and understand which part gets the more clicks. This will definitely make you understand about attracting consumers and generating referrals.

Challenge #3: Time

Everyone in the world is having only 24 hours per day, but some days may seem like minutes. However, you can plan your day with five things and can end it double. Here is how it can be!

What you can typically do to overcome

Time may be a big challenge. But, there are some simple steps that you can utilize to manage the time efficiently. Foremost, do the biggest things as the first thing in the morning and then proceed to the smaller things.

Challenge #4: Generating Traffic and Leads

Often, digital marketers face the situation of generating online referrals to the brand’s website. So, it is becoming a pressure for digital marketers to drive traffic to their website. However, this is something that is different from getting a referral as it is the most efficient way of pushing the people hard into your business website. By enhancing the traffic to your website, you can definitely enhance the possibility of convincing the customers, if they need to buy something. A struggle for getting leads can lead to the loose sales. Usually, this problem occurs due to inefficient resources used in utilizing to reach and engage with the targeted group. But how are you going to do that?

What you can typically do to overcome

Foremost, identify the best performing content on your site by pulling the data about the last 30 days of traffic. Learn about your top performing blog posts, the most clicked stories or photos. Remember, if you are not able to understand your content, then you won’t be able to get influential traffic.

Challenge #5: Become a Video Expert

The top challenge that you are going to face in your career is to be a creative thinker and should think out of the box when it comes to content promotion. The most important factor that will make your consumer stay on the website and proceed to buy is directly proportional to the quality of the content and the way you showcase them. Always, you just can’t sting on to the particular kind of media. You ought to try different kinds of strategies with meaningful content.

That’s the reason why videos such as emotive, explainer videos, client testimonials, live videos, short movies, etc., takes up the top place in grabbing the customers towards your business. This is because a picture can tell a thousand words and easily grab the attention of everyone when compared to text.

What you can typically do to overcome

If you are not an expert in creating videos, then it’s just the right opportunity to learn. Just take a course and brush up your multimedia skills as it is the leading strategy which is on the rise.

Challenge #6: Adapt and catch up on-going trends

Your actual job is not just to create and upload quality content, in fact, you have to make use of some strategies to make the website to rank higher.

So, do you know what it is trending in digital marketing? It is the another one biggest challenge that every digital marketer face. Actually, technology is the ever-changing one and hence the digital marketing is and this had increased the importance of staying updated in the industry.

What you can typically do to overcome

Do follow the top tech-related magazines, popular digital marketing blogs, and as well follow the biggies in social media so that you can stay updated with the latest trends. In addition, attend webinars and make use of social media platforms to know the fresh and updated content which in turn will help in expanding the universal market.

Challenge #7: Smart Hiring Strategy

The next biggest challenge in this field is hiring the top talent. Almost most of the companies are shifting their resources to inbound marketing which has initiated the requirement of top marketing talents. However, finding the right person with proper skills may take months.

Nowadays, employers seek for technical and creative skills and this had created the marketing skill gap.

What you can typically do to overcome

Commonly, employers look for marketers with a diverse set of skills such as SEO, PPC, SMO, content marketing, etc. In the situation of hiring an inbound marketer, you can summarize your needs by deciding what the candidate is going to do.

You can even ask yourself the following checklist before hiring,

    • What will be the new marketer’s roles and responsibilities?

Now, use the answers to the above questions to create a compelling job description so that you’ll be able to find the right person as per your needs.

Challenge #8: Managing the team effectively

For the past few years, marketers face the challenge in training the team. It’s a big struggle to train the candidates in concepts and tools as there is a necessity to constantly check whether they are achieving their full potential. So, you have to follow some necessary tactics which will help in making your team have a lasting effect on marketing.

What you can typically do to overcome

To overcome this issue, you need to allocate some of your time to assess each your team members about their marketing firmness, weakness, their passion, their commitment, and their level of expertise in the particular area. By evaluating this, you’ll definitely know who needs proper coaching and who needs recognition.

Challenge #9: Usage of Social Networking sites

To be frank, most of the businesses today are having good social media exposure and in fact, it helps in reaching the targeted leads easily. But due to lack of knowledge, marketers are failing to make revenue and are losing their full potential.

What you can typically do to overcome

This problem usually arises ass the lack of creativity and content to post at the right schedule of time. Precisely, it is not necessary to update profiles daily but it must be done at the right time. So do the following things in social sites to earn visibility of your profile,

  • Become a detailed social media scheduler
  • Have a list of posts ready for posting
  • Be creative enough to make your content viral
  • Memes and Puzzles are trending nowadays

Follow these simple steps to become a social media marketing pro.

Challenge #10: Do Customer Focused Business

There is so much competition in the outside world and so to sustain your place in the market, you have to think about the customers first. This indicates that before doing anything, you need to think about your customer’s requirements, concerns, perceptions and their queries.

What you can typically do to overcome

You can make this happen in two ways. One is to reply to them with an official mail and the other one is to set up an automated email. An automated email will help you in responding to your customer immediately so that your customer will think positively that you are looking on to the business.

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You are not the only one who is facing these issues, most of the marketers are having this problem. But they are taking their challenges as an opportunity to learn, and so you do. Hope these tips will definitely help your business to stay ahead in the curve. If we have missed any of the challenges of digital marketing, let us know through your comments.

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