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14 Essential Skills for a Digital Marketing Executive Fresher Should Have

“Discover the 14 essential skills for a digital marketing executive fresher, including marketing strategies, social media, SEO, data analysis, and more.”

As you may be aware, Digital Marketing is a booming field and it could be a better career option for the freshers. Current digital marketing experts should possess a diverse skill set which includes an understanding of social media channels which makes them a better marketer.

If you are a fresher planning to make your career in digital marketing, this article will help you know the skillsets to become a digital marketing executive.

Digital Marketing Executive Fresher Skills:

1. Paid Social Media Advertising Knowledge:

Social Media AdvertisingA digital marketing executive should be well versed in paid social media advertising to grab more customers. They need to be familiar with social platforms especially like Facebook, LinkedIn which the company uses most frequently.

They also need the skills of understanding and implementing Facebook analytics and insights.

Efficiently connecting to the target audience through the custom audience option and creating an exemplary campaign and images are more important as a paid social media advertising specialist.

2. Market Channel Expertise:

Makreting ChennalThere are many numbers of marketing channels to reach customers like email, SEO, social, etc.

The channels should be utilized very well and any channel may be a hit for your organization but you need to specialize in various channels. You are ought to understand the strategies of various channels and include a channel which best suits your company.

For instance, choosing Pinterest is a big Nah for the company which needs to promote its local business.

3. Act a like Sales Expertise:

SalesAs a digital marketing executive, you are expected to be a better salesperson who can sell more products. You should know how to engage with the customers and make conversions.

Without wasting any marketing budget spent by the clients, the digital marketing executives are expected to close the deals with their strategies and customer engagement.

4. Analytical Thinking:

Analytics ThinkingTo drive many lead generation, inbound marketing plays a vital role. Many digital marketers come up with various innovations in sales or CPC campaign which really boosts the company’s profit.

A skilled marketer should analyze the campaign launched. If there is any drip in reaching the target audience, he should be able to interpret what went wrong.

For instance, you cannot send the same email to the entire flock but to the person who has shown some interest towards your service/product which requires an analytical thinking digital marketer to best fit in the role.

5. Great Copy and Storytelling Abilities:

StorytellingDigital Media is completely a copy and visual driven medium which is accessed by millions of people. The visuals present in the digital media pull our emotional strings.

A skilled digital marketing executive should be able to provide quality content with an image or video which grabs the customers attention to double click on them to open and view their website.

The ability to manipulate these two elements are very critical in today’s digital marketing.

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6. Relationship Building Skills:

Relationship BuildingA huge module in digital marketing is relationship building capability and a likable personality.

The company expects a digital marketing executive to connect with bloggers, publishers, journalists, and influencers – so they are anticipated to stand out and command attention.

Relationship-building skills make a digital marketing executive an outstanding person to gain more target customers towards their website thereby increasing the web traffic.

7. Knowledge in WordPress:

WordpressSince enormous platforms are built-in WordPress, a digital marketing executive should possess a strong understanding of WordPress.

Even if you need to create and launch your own blog, WordPress has now become a go-to platform for many digital marketing professionals.

With WordPress, you can always learn new plugins and functionalities since WordPress is always providing some useful options to speed up content production.

8. Able to Write Precise Content:

Write Precise ContentA skilled digital marketing executive should be able to deliver the description of the products within a few words to clutch more potential customers to your site.

Although your product is good, no one will enter your website when the content can’t communicate the message to the customers.

So, a digital marketer is expected to be effective and efficient in delivering the content with minimal messaging.

9. Capability to Analyze Quantifiable Metrics:

Analyze Quantifiable MetricsContemporarily, being able to quantify the amount invested in marketing and advertising the product or service plays a crucial role.

With today’s’ In-page tracking, coupled with the analytics and metrics software, digital marketers can be easily able to analyze the insights regarding the marketing profits with more efficacy and accuracy.

10. Listening Competency:

CompetencyIt’s also very crucial to listen from various groups of people in the team and also with the clients for different purposes.

Along with creating a campaign with an appealing image, videos, and text, a digital marketer should have strong listening skills.

The listening skills which I am talking about is not only a verbal one but also listening the customer’s thought via social media channels and analytical tools.

11. Adaptability:

AdaptabilityBased on the client roster, the assignments may vary each month. A digital marketing executive may work with a travel client on a month and for the finance client another month.

You may be put into technical SEO team in a month, as a PPC analyst in the other in some companies. There is always something extra for which you might be well prepared for.

12. Follow Work Ethics:

Marketing EthicsIt’s very obvious that you need to have strong work ethics in any field.

When marketing fails, it’s very difficult to mend it right again. You might come across lots of roadblocks in some of the other forms, so it’s very critical to not give up and move on.

13. Basic Excel Knowledge:

KnowledgeAs a digital marketing executive, you are anticipated to use the basic excel functions.

Depending upon your job profile, you should work in the excel sheet to manage the data.

From keyword information to the backlink, everything is organized and planned using the excel sheet. So, excel skill set is more important.

14. Using a crawler tool:

Crawler Many new crawling tools are available in the market. Make familiarize yourself with at least one of them.

Even if you are not going deep into the technical part, equip yourself with the knowledge of redirects or duplicate content which will be incredibly helpful for your organization.


In the field of digital marketing which supports entrepreneurs, freelancers, and company workers, it’s very essential to learn to cultivate marketable skills.

No matter where you work, digital marketing is one of the most lucrative skills you can obtain.

So, don’t wait to learn as much as you can. Connect us to learn the strategies in digital marketing from our industry level experts.


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