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Top IT & Programming Courses in Chennai for better career

Graduates are profoundly interested in seeking career options in the IT sector. In fact IT is the great opportunity providers and they dominate the workforce recruitment. The information technology employs more than millions of people in a year and many headcounts have been created by top companies every year.


The software and programming courses are found highly contributing more towards creating job opportunities. This develops the interest towards learning programming languages and relevant courses. Programmers, build, design and recreate systems for better functioning which proudly makes them known to be the computing world builders. Behind the scenes, complex system, coding responsibilities are easily handled by the technical people. With the growing demand, the job seekers and the working professionals look forward to attending and getting trained in the relevant programming courses.

The Programming Courses in Chennai that enable the person to get established by starting or building up well paid careers in the areas like, data science, digital marketing, coding and in depth short term, full time programming or computer graduation courses. Learning new technical skills is mandatory in the digital world as we travel in the era of digitalization. Jobs for programmers are expected to expand at 8% modest rate between 2019 and 2022. Meeting this demand, industry requires technical talents as the future is completely designed to be on the internet based applications system.

Here are Top IT Courses that could help you get the best job

Python Programming Course

Python Programming CoursePython programming is very helpful for Data structures, loops, variables and other fundamental options. It has various models which acts as programming support. The advanced topics related to the system programming with Python, Linux shell. It helps in identifying the IP addresses by using forks and many more skills can be learnt.

Skills Learn from Python: Source location, Django, web application, production designing sources, OS Module in Python, Python CGI Programming, can be learnt and the knowledge related to all the above courses, concepts can be experienced. Anybody who enters into the programming concept will look onto the job market and definitely these sources help them to be enabled to fit into the industry.

Eligibility of the Course: Bachelor degree is required for pursuing this program and for the advanced positions, master’s degree is required.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Python: The course completion will enable the person to work as a Software Developer, freelancer, Research Analyst, Data Scientist.

Payscale and Career in Python: An entry level software developer with Python skills and a year of experience can earn from 20k-25k.

Data Science Programming Course

Data Science CourseThis is a blend of many tools and machine learning course involves building framework, creating solutions to store data, data processing which is considered to be the greatest part of Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

Skills Learn from Data Science: Any complex and advanced tools can be analysed, processed to draw solutions. Effective decision making in deriving data from sensors, predictive analytics to forecast data received from satellites, radars and other techniques.
Eligibility of the Course: Under graduation in Computer Science is preferable or Master’s degree in computer science, social science can take up this course.

Pay scale and Career in Data Science: There is no career dearth for those who have this certification. In fact those who have this certification are confirmed with highly paid jobs. Salary is really impressive and monthly one can expect 50k-80k depending upon the designation, qualification and area of expertise.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Data Science: Highly designated positions like Data Analyst, Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Quantitative analyst, machine learning engineer exist for those who pursue this course.

Machine Learning Programming Course

Machine Learning CourseMachine learning is a transformation course in the digital world. This course is an extension of Artificial Intelligence. To comprehend this course, blend of python and statistics learning is needed. The emerging field requires the Machine learning talents to unleash the power.
Skills Learn from Machine Learning: The learner of this course gets an opportunity to work with real time data, algorithm development, regression, and time series modelling. This also equips the person to lean Python to predict data.

Eligibility of the Course: This course is tailor made option for analytics managers, information architects, business analysts and the graduates expecting jobs in Machine learning.
Payscale and Career in Machine Learning: For the entry level engineer who pursued this course can expect 50k-60k monthly. This also takes your qualification, experience, expertise into consideration.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Machine Learning: High designated positions like Data Scientists, NLP scientists, Business Intelligence Developer, Machine learning designer are found for the Machine learning certified people

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence CourseArtificial Intelligence is the future world which exclusively trains on Machine learning, Deep learning, programming languages. This course equips the students to be industry ready jobs related to AI and Data Science.

Skills Learn from Artificial Intelligence: Python programming, Machine learning, Data Science statistics are the major skills to be learnt. Along with the above, the following skill sets can also be acquired like Advanced artificial neural networks, data abstraction, supervised and unsupervised learning.

Eligibility of the Course: Undergraduates and the mid level talents like Analytics Managers, Information architects, analytics professionals can pursue this course.

Pay scale and Career in Artificial Intelligence: This course equips the individual to get the median salary of 50k-60k monthly and hike depends on the area of expertise, qualifications, etc.
Career Opportunities/Designation in Artificial Intelligence: Business intelligence developers, research scientist, Big Data Engineer, Machine learning engineer are the major designations in the Artificial Intelligence area.

R Programming Courses in Chennai

R Programming CourseThis language is found absolutely relevant in data analysis, statistical computing and analysis. This assists you to understand beyond Excel analysis which runs on all operating systems.

Skills Learn from R Programming: R loop functions, debugging tools, critical programming language concepts like R studio skills could be gained.

Eligibility of the Course: Undergraduates with mathematical background is preferred or even graduates and post graduates with mathematical understanding are a prerequisite.
Pay scale and Career in R Programming: One of the highly paid jobs is the R programming learner who can expect 60k and above as a monthly package.

Career Opportunities/Designation in R Programming: The leading designations are R programmer, Data Scientists, Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Visualization Analyst, Geo Statisticians.

Java Programming Course

Java Programming CourseOne of the famous programming languages is Java which majorly includes software development, creating mobile applications and systems development. Java as a mobile operating system is found in the Android smartphones which emphasizes the great deal for the developer position.

Skills Learn from Java: The fundamental concepts like programming. Object oriented programming like Arrays, inheritance, polymorphism, basic calculator to build java projects can be learnt here.

Eligibility of the Course: To become a professional Java Developer any under graduation candidates possessing basic computer knowledge can take up this course. But not necessary that under graduation is must higher secondary passed or any equivalent from a recognized body can apply for the course.

Pay scale and Career in Java: Candidates possessing required skill and certification are assured with best salary packages and for the fresher with under graduation can expect from 13k-20k.
Career Opportunities/Designation in Java: After completing this course, the job roles could be a Web developer, Application and software developer, Web programmer.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing CourseThe Digital Marketing course is completely developed by the industry professionals’ deals with the concepts helping the business professionals to market their brand /product digitally.

Skills Learn from digital marketing: Through this course get to learn Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, and Mobile Marketing.

Eligibility of the Course: Computer Science Under graduation course is much preferred but other graduation holders with basic computer knowledge can also join.

Payscale and Career in digital marketing: The course creates a platform to contribute towards YouTube, AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter. The fresher could obviously get monthly between 15-20k and after getting expertise in the field can get 40k.

Career Opportunities/Designation in digital marketing: Get to be appointed as digital marketing manager, content developer, Web Analyst, SEO analyst, Social Media specialist.

PHP Programming and Framework

PHP Programming CoursesHypertext Markup Language is a popular server, helps in creating web pages for users’ interactions. This web development process supports WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many more.

Skills Learn from PHP Programming and framework: Skills learnt could be Laravel, Symfony,Yii, Zend framework, Cake.

Eligibility of the Course: To pursue this course people those who have passed higher secondary, graduates, undergraduates, post graduates with basic computer language is a prerequisite.

Payscale and Career in PHP Programming and framework: Fresher’s who aim to kick start their career as a web developer should be certified in this course and openings are many. This is preferred language in the job market and should be skilled at least in one of the frameworks.
Career Opportunities/Designation in PHP Programming and framework: The course learns could be designated as a Web Application developer, Software developer, PHP, Web, Application developer.

JavaScript Framework Course

JavaScript Framework CourseThose who wish to begin their career as Java developer should be proficient in JavaScript Framework. This course helps learners to work on Java EE app, Struts Framework, XML, Servlets and others.

Skills Learn from JavaScript Framework: Real time learning concepts like Java server pages, Servlets, Session Beans, Drools, Dagger, Grails, JSF and many more.

Eligibility of the Course: Any undergraduate or postgraduate become eligible to this course but it is essential that the learner is knowledgeable in C, C++.

Payscale and Career in JavaScript Framework: The javascript developer gets around 30k-40k monthly depending upon the javascript programming, experience and qualification the package varies.

Career Opportunities/Designation in JavaScript Framework: The certification assists the person to become Java Developer, Java Web Developer, Java Video Gram Programmer and Web Software Engineer.
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Software Testing Course

Software Testing CourseWorking between the actual and expected result is software testing. The process executes the fundamental of the new software to identify application errors and remove bugs.
Skills Learn from Software Testing: The course learner can get to learn tests like unit, functional, regression, acceptance and integration. It also enhances the manual and automation testing skills.

Eligibility of the Course: Engineering background is a must prerequisite as this course requires the sound technical knowledge.

Payscale and Career in Software Testing: As long as IT sector exists, requirements for software potentials exist. Salary package can be expected from 15k-20k monthly and eventually the package gets developed after gaining experience.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Software Testing: The course holders could be designated as test lead, automation architect, project lead, test manager.
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Benefits are high for the people who have pursued any of these top IT & programming courses. It is a kind of niche target as we witness the business expansion leads to the deployment of software and applications. The IT courses create a huge demand for the business growth in order to establish mastery in the area of expertise and fulfil the business accomplishments.

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