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Top 20 Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers

One of the most demanding jobs across the sectors is web designing. This profession gets constantly changed along with the technology. Learning the web designing course, basics are mandatory to focus more on career in the line. The course includes box-model, colour theory, typography positioning and many more. Find below the Web Designing interview questions and answers.

Web Designing Interview Questions & Answers

1. What are the most commonly used languages and platforms for website design?

  • Web designing can be learnt from the scratch
  • CSS and HTML basic learning
  • Web designing on trend and development
  • Web development debugging design inside
  • Create website portfolio

Both for the beginners and for the people who have limited knowledge in web design can take up this course. This definitely creates more opportunity for web developers and those who become or aspire to become graphic designers.

There are many languages used for the web design and development but JavaScript and Java are considered to be the main languages, Python also is included.

These languages are capable of accomplishing many things like browser controller, content editing, and client side script in order to communicate with the customers and asynchronous communication.

2. What is HTML?

Hypertext markup language is considered to be the standard tool for creating documents which can be displayed in the web browser it creates structure document by marking structural semantics to create text like headings list links paragraphs quotes and other things

3. List Out The Tags Those Are Mostly Used In Html?

  • HTML tag which is considered to be the the basic or the foundation of the HTML document
  • Head tag which has all kinds of head elements like title, style, meta in the HTML file
  • Body tag defines the HTML document body contains image, lists, tables
  • Title tag which defines the HTML document title
  • Empty or non container tags
  • Tables tags
  • Inputs tag, form tag, submit input tag, drop down option tag

4. What is the function of CSS in web design?

For the web page presentation CSS languages used which includes colours, layout and fonts. This allows using the presentation in different ways according to the devices like screen, printers or small screens. This is completely an independent source of HTML which is found using in XML based mark-up language.

5. What is external style sheet? How do you link it?

External style sheet comes in a separate file which is getting linked to a web page of HTML. It can be found with the .CSS extension file name. The entire styles which can be used in the website get declared in the form of external style sheet. This seems to be a significant tool from the perspective of webmaster.

6. Explain how can you integrate CSS file to your webpage?

There are three ways to set CSS into the web pages

  • The external file should be linked into the webpage which can be done with the input method of old browsers like Netscape 4.0
  • Create the CSS block in the web page which typically gets most at the webpage top this happens in between the the head and head tax
  • Embed or insert the right CSS code with the tag itself

7. How would you differentiate between HTML tags and elements?

HTML element seems to be an individual factor in the document. It exhibits the meaning which is written with the start tag and the end tag. Between these two tags the contents can be found.

HTML tag is actually used to mark the beginning or the element. This is the common usage which can be found interchangeable, meaning to say that element is a tag and vice versa.

8. List out some of the JQuery function used for webpage designing?

This application seems to be very fast which provides many functions and completes the various responsibilities in a quicker way, which is a framework help massively in building the JavaScript.

  • It can be used in local installation to include in the HTML cord.
  • Cdn best version can be included in the jQuery library.
  • Helps in developing ajax based applications.
  • Create quotes simple, reusable and precise.
  • The process gets simplified because of the traverse.
  • Helps in handling events create animation with ajax support.

9. How to fix image in the background?

To fix the background image or to position the background image usage of CSS is mandatory. Background tag is used in CSS to create the background properties and with the previous code sample rewriting is also enabled. Css2 is also helping in fixing the background image. Css3 offers the value which allows to fix the background with containing block.

10. What is an external style sheet?

Separate file with extension of ,CSS having all styles of CSS definitions for the use of HTML page is called as external style sheet. This is also called as my styles.css having all the necessary styles for the HTML.

11. What is doctype?

Doc type or the documentation declaration type comes as an instruction which gets associated with the specific SGML document type for the XML. Document is a part of it, this exhibits the mark-up language in a short string in order to confirm to a specific syntax.

12. Explain the difference between Standard Mode and Quirks Mode.

The page designs of the quirks mode are similar to the behaviour of the non standard. This gets implemented since the inception of Microsoft Internet explorer and Netscape navigator.

Standard mode behaviour is found the same described in the HTML CSS designs and specification. This is what we call as standard mode which is been used higher than the quirks implementation.

13. How would you scale route in Mobile Screens?

Online business transactions grow every year through mobile devices which are found very significant and encourage many companies to focus on building websites and online E-Commerce sites. The basic causes are in various behaviours found in different platforms to develop and enhance the websites in an efficient way.

Web pages have different parameters like header, footer, main content, forms, videos images, tables, the screen dimensions in the devices, changing screen solutions to determine the pixel density and also work accordingly on the operating system.

These kinds of changes highly focus to the enhanced performance of the devices. It is mandatory that the sides have to be according to the adaptation of different devices, so the mobile first approach should be taken and produced matching the features.


14. In CSS when you will use CSS float?

The element in the CSS float property should be kept either on the right or left side of the container. This allows the text as well as the inline elements to get wrapped around it.It is used when the photo needs to be aligned and to have a text flow on it.

15. How do you insert comments into HTML code without text being picked up?

HTML commands are using different quotes in the browser the comment starts with

“<*!—and end with”-->”

16. How many HTML tags will be used for a simple web page design?

It all depends on what we want to do actually with the help HTML page. To create the webpage find below some tags which can be used

  • IMG
  • Paragraph
  • DIV
  • SPAN
  • OL and UL
  • Anchor tag
  • Button
  • Input
  • Select

17. What do you mean by the prompt box?

The method called prompt exhibits the dialogue box which allows the visitor for inputs. It is used whenever the user wants to provide value before getting inside the page. This also returns the input value once the user tries to click the option “ok”.

18. Is CSS case sensitive?

The entire style sheets of CSS are case insensitive where certain parts are completely not under the CSS control. The HTML attributes like “id” and “class” are case sensitivity which comes under the category of font names and URIs. They are out of the specifications.

19. What are the elements that have been disappeared?

During the page creation many have noticed the disappearance of elements like the text, colour, text visibility, block visibility, block size, block position, font size and overlay.

20. For what purpose NaN functioning used?

This is a library function which gets the NaN value determining whether it actually a number or not. NaN expansion is not a number it comes back if it’s not true. If it is cancelled then it returns as null.


Searches related to the web designing questions are in high demand. These web designing questions and answers would definitely be a great tool for individuals to get prepared and get an overview before interview.

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