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Top IT Courses for Freshers to Start a Professional Career in India 2023

Career establishment and career success is one of the important factors for every professional in this world. Alongside money plays a pivotal role because everyone is determined to get money in this digital world. Top IT courses for freshers having a secure job with better and decent package is one of the greatest achievements to eating everybody stop this is purely dependent on the technology and the extension of its growth in the contemporary times has made greatest transformation nationally, globally and in fact everybody is first and professional life also has changed. Even business operation is completely e transformed due to the digital expansion.

Every organisation irrespective of its location, sizes or sector has started to recruit individuals who are completely supported with technical background and well equipped with the technological concept which can eventually change the business growth in the contemporary situation. In recent times if you take the top Fortune companies they are ready to invest on the individual who are really beneficial for their business development for stop if so then this automatically demands and expects the IT professionals for the beginners in the IT professionals to take up the perfect certification course to explore the career path of this digital technological world.

Everybody is well aware about the organisation the it professional gets in the digital industries, business people, the teaching profession and the management give the significance to the professionals who are backed up with the technical certifications for stop if you belong to any of these industries then obviously you will have to take up the certification course to enhance your career level as well as open yourself for exploring and acquiring the best opportunities that match you.

Characteristics and the advantages of IT, technical and business certifications for the aspirants

  1. Enhanced job opportunities and expanded career growth
  2. Become knowledgeable and qualified professionals
  3. Open new avenues for bi income opportunities
  4. Professional acquisition and increased credibility
  5. Creating wider networking zone
  6. Be unique from the non certified individuals to receive raised increment salary possibilities
  7. Project take home with extended result
  8. Create retention platform from the employer side
  9. Secured job and sustained career
  10. Establish your demand in the job market by outstanding courses in your resume
  11. Work on career flexibility
  12. Better designation, benchmarking in the organisational Management flow
  13. Be on spotlight for the top companies easy recruitment
  14. Latest technologies updated and learn the tools for work simplification
  15. Recreate and update the knowledge and skill required
  16. Demanded resume with certification courses
  17. Easily accessible to the accredited certification providers
  18. Commitment, concise and clarity in work
  19. Build the brand reputation among your groups
  20. Continuous and eternal learning to explore the possible avenues

Top 6 demanding IT certification courses options for you

The above description about the importance of IT certification highlighted the need and significance of taking this course. This obviously provides an opportunity for the individual to stand unique from the crowd as well as to meet out the competitive edge in getting decent and better package for stop other than the salary it’s all about the designated positions that you require in the organisation which certification courses is very much possible.

Find below the demanded IT certification courses which eventually provide you to get into the top list of recruitment in the year 2023

Here are the Top IT Courses for Freshers:

1. Data Science Certification Training

R programming language is one of the important Data analytics tools which needs to be learnt in the digital world. This involves data exploration, Data visualisation, analytics, descriptive and predictive analytics with the help of R language. this is one of the demanded course and every it professionals, developers business analytics and graduates obviously look up for this opportunity to bill strong foundation in analytics career as well as in data science.

Data science is expected to increase by 28 % in the year 2020 because of increased analytics needs.

Data science certification eligibility

It is an easy process to become a data scientist yet find below the prerequisites to undergo this course

  • Engineering mathematics, computer science for statistics advanced degree is essential
  • Perl, c / c + +, Java, Python Programming languages fundamentals to be known
  • Hadoop, Hive and pig big data software platforms experience is mandatory
  • Possessing rich experience on cloud tools like Amazon S3 is important
  • Knowing SQL database and coding abilities are appreciated
Recruiting companies

After completing this data science certification training it is sure that you will be recruited as data science certified professionals by the best companies like Hewlett Packard, Latent View and many more in the world.


Data scientist professional might on rupees 6 to 7 lacs annually

2. Machine Learning With Python Certification:

Machine learning is considered as an interesting and computer science development field to work with full stop industries in applications are favouring machine learning concept because the deployment of this concept is very efficient and works intelligently.

This creates a pattern and mathematical models automation which is important in our everyday life. Various course platforms are in the learning opportunity because of the demand increased towards machine learning is found

What is the eligibility to take up the Machine Learning With Python Certification Training ?

To achieve this you will need

  • Focus towards machine learning is important
  • Open source programming languages like Python, octave or R is to be known
  • extensive knowledge on statistics and algorithms are required to understand the subjects foundation.
  • Having a high school mathematics knowledge is an additional appreciation
Recruiting companies:

Top recruiters are really interested in recruiting Python developers, machine learning specialist and you can definitely expect the Fortune 100 organisations or captive banks to hire people who have strong background of machine learning concepts.


Machine learning engineer whose experience stands between 5 and 9 years round 8 lacs to 9 lacs Annum.

3. Artificial Intelligence Certification

Artificial intelligence hot discussion and every technical person is inspired towards the buzz word. Different techniques have which has transformed the whole world into reality. Artificial Intelligence is expected to enhance the economic condition approximately 1.7 % and around 16 industries will be established using artificial intelligence by the year 2035. Moreover, the salary and the labour productivity gets increased by 40% which doubles the economic growth of 12 Nations.

What is the eligibility to take up the Artificial Intelligence Certification Training ?

Find below the details to be noted for getting certified;

  • Strong knowledge in the mathematics subject is important to read and learn algorithms
  • Fundamentals of programming languages like python, c++, R Java
  • Understanding data modelling, evaluation, distributed computing and advanced signal processing techniques
Recruiting companies:

Big organisations like hyper science Wade and Wendy, Primer, pypestream and across the world people hire artificial intelligence professionals and more of startups are into it.


Salary for junior research fellow in the artificial intelligence might range between 25,000 and 1 lakh per month. Depending on the place, qualification and experience salary might range between 4 lacs and 24 lacs annually.

4. Django Web Programming Certification

Learning Django is one of the important steps or goals that an individual takes to create a highly interactive application with the ajax group. Very simple and easy to understand the court with the help of Django certification. It enhances the developers to to learn code in very simply then Java or C++ It is a high-level Python web framework which definitely focuses on fast development and creating complicated designs. It focuses on hassle-free web development which eventually works on writing application.

What is the eligibility to take up the Django Web Programming CertificationTraining ?

To get certified as a Django developer you will need

  • Learning Python as a prior programming experience is important.
  • Knowledge related to MVC is also important
  • Understanding Web front end technologies like CSS HTML are the basic requirements
  • Learning Python syntax, Python function appreciable
Recruiting companies:

In India top companies like staqu technologies, Mallhop and many more companies, especially startups are interested in hiring the Django developers


Salary range for the Python Django developer would be approximately 5 lacs per annum

5. Java Programming Certification

Learning a programming language is really a difficult one get it will be an exit mint opportunity for the beginner to understand more for the career enhancement. Java being a general purpose programming language in the computing platform is known for its reliable and secure nature.

Strong agreement for Java programming language is made because it is found that the coding is relevant even in 2025. the competition for new languages is neck to neck but still Java developer demand is still in the increasing moment. Alongside it is reported that Java developers are are witnessing the lowest career hopping or move to the other professions

What is the eligibility to take up the Java Programming Certification Training ?

To get certified as a Java Developer you will need

  • Basics of computer is important to start the Java programming certification alongside should be also expertise in the command line shell.
  • Fundamentals of program is strongly recommended
  • Knowing C++, object oriented language will make the person grasp the understanding of Java quickly
Recruiting companies:

Startups, web development and application companies would be preparing Java developers. List few like binary informatics, startups are very much.


The average pay scale for a Java developer would range 4 lacs per annum depending upon the location, qualification and experience. In San Francisco and Arlington the highest paid job as a Java developer which would range around $97000.

Definitely this list of options would leave you with better decision making in order to identify the best course. Find the complete list matching your experience, ambition and skills to choose what could be the best certification to develop your career or even establishing your career line matters here.

The list established here is considered to be one of the demanding and highly paid certifications in the job market. Once you have decided to choose any of the courses here obviously you can be assured about the carrier shift which actually aim and expect.

Happy learning!

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