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10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 ( for Job & Career)

You may be a student or a job seeker obsessed in programming. You love programming but got struck thinking what programming languages make a bright future? You have landed up in the best place.

There are many programming languages which provides the best job offers for the candidates. But the one question that keeps squirming around your head is that what is the best programming language to start with. I will endow with you the list of top 10 programming languages in 2020 which will grab you a good job in the market. Always remember that each language has its own pros and cons. To make advancements in the previous language, a new programming language may be created to overcome those flaws or with advanced features.

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Do you know that there are more than 600 programming languages? To choose the best programming language that best fit your career is very important. If you actually want to attain something in life, then it is imperative that you should move shoulder to shoulder with the technology. There is a huge scope in the field of the developer.

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

1. Python Programming :

Python ProgrammingPython is a multi-purpose programming language which was designed by Guido Van Rossum. It has an easy to use syntax which makes the beginners easy to learn the language. It’s always fun learning python since you can focus more on the problem than the syntax. You can find Python in various web applications, desktop applications, machine learning, network servers, media tools, etc.

Python is also useful for back end services and APIs. It is really a good choice for all the beginners to learn Python since it is not going to disappear in the future.

2. Laravel Framework:

Laravel ProgrammingLaravel is an open source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is used for web application framework with an elegant syntax. It is easily accessible and more powerful which provides tools needed for large applications. Before you want to learn Laravel, you need to be familiar with HTML, Core PHP, and Advance PHP. It offers a rich set of functionalities which inculcates the basic features of PHP frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, and other languages like Ruby and Rails. The web application becomes more scalable when using Laravel. So, the scope of Laravel is massive in the current industry.

3. JavaScript Programming:

JavaScript ProgrammingJavascript is one of the three languages web developers should learn to excel in their career. HTML to describe the content of the web pages. CSS to define the layout of the web pages. Javascript to specify the behavior of web pages. Not only webpages use javascript, but many of the desktop and server programs also use Javascript.

Node.js is the contemporary best-known program of this kind. databases like MongoDB and CouchDB also uses Javascript as the programming language.
A JavaScript developer earns anywhere between $44,500 to $125,000 annually depending on the company size and industry.

4. TypeScript Programming:

TypeScript ProgrammingTypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a syntactical superset of Javascript and is originated from the shortcomings of Javascript. TypeScript is typically used for developing larger applications and transcompiles to Javascript. It is also used to develop the Client side and server side Javascript applications.

5. GoLang Programming:

GoLang ProgrammingGoLang is also called as Go is built by Google. Go is a statically typed and compiled language which works in the tradition of C. It provides excellent support for multithreading function. So, it is used in companies where distributed systems are being used. Go is used in startup companies like silicon valley. Nevertheless, it is not yet adopted by Indian companies. If you wish to join a valley based startup which specializes in the core system, you need to be proficient in GoLang. GoLang has excellent performance, it is open source, and it helps in cross-platform. Many companies like Google, Youtube, Apple, Dropbox, Docker, BBC, The New York Times, IBM, Twitter, Facebook has already started embracing GoLang.

6. R Programming:

R ProgrammingR is one of the most popular programming language developed by Ross ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. R language is mainly used for statistical computing and Graphics. It is an open source and you can run and compile R programming language on various OS like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This is also used in machine learning and for data analysis. You yourself can fix bugs without the intervention of the vendor to do this. It is also cross-platform compatible, It can easily import data from Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc. R language comprises of many data handling and storage facility.

7. Swift Programming:

Swift ProgrammingSwift is a robust and intuitive language which is extensively used for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. If you are really interested to develop native iOS or Mac OS apps, then learning swift is necessary. Swift has statically typed language and the Xcode will check for bugs before building the app which means easy error tracking. if your interest is towards iOS app development, then start with learning Swift programming language. Swift has a clean syntax which makes it easier to read and write. It is an open source programming language and is easy to learn. Swift is 6x faster than objective C and 8.4x times faster than Python. No doubt, Swift language is going to have a great career path.

8. PHP Programming:

PHP ProgrammingPHP is one of the popular backend programming languages. PHP has tough competition from Python and JavaScript. PHP is a server-side scripting programming language which is used to develop static websites or dynamic websites. PHP scripts can be interpreted only on the server which has PHP installed. The client systems which accesses the PHP scripts require a web browser. PHP is an open source programming language and is completely free. Most of the popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Delicious, flicker, Digg, and many more uses PHP. There are lots of tiny and popular online web applications based on PHP running online. They all are managed and add-ons by various full time or freelance PHP developers. It means you have lots of opportunities to work in your dream companies.

9. Ruby Programming:

Ruby ProgrammingRuby on Rails is on the way to turn out to be the most well-liked Web application framework. Popular websites such as Twitter, Hulu, SlideShare, eBay, Scribd, and several others have already gripped the Ruby on Rails framework and are doing tremendously well. Several small and medium businesses are likely to join the bandwagon quickly. The accomplishment of sites based on Ruby on Rails has in turn abruptly produced a demand for Ruby on Rails developers. Ruby on Rails is a very developer-friendly Web applications framework. It offers you with tools that help you achieve more with lesser code and make work fun. The code is well structured and so it can be used in various ways. Ruby on Rails lets you experiment and gives your imagination wings. If you really have some killer ideas, learning Ruby will be more helpful as it permits you to easily change ideas into reality. In addition, Ruby on Rails developers typically gets higher salaries than other developers. The average annual salary for Ruby on Rails developers is between $100,000 and $153,000.

10. Java Programming:

Java ProgrammingJava is found everywhere, on all platforms and various devices and in all countries around the globe. With time the significance and popularity of Java are going up as it has the magic in its remarkable abilities as technology changes. It is still considered to be the most pervasive platform worldwide. People use Java for developing smart card applications, server-side enterprise applications or mobile applications. Java is easy to learn, easy to write, compile, debug when compared to other programming languages. Java allows you to make reusable code and modular programs. There is no refutation of the fact that Java is the most noteworthy thing happened to IT business after C++. The future of Java will be entwined with that of agile and allows the Java community to prolong innovation and deliver quality systems to address various business needs.


All programming language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the programming language as a career path is completely your choice of what you want to become. Courseinn Academy offers you the best programming languages in IT market. The teaching experts have industrial experience and they provide you with practical lab sessions. To become one of the top-notch developers, feel free to call us, the rest we will take over.

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