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10 Most Popular Job Oriented Courses in Chennai

If you’re aiming to secure high-paying jobs in IT companies but are unsure about which courses to pursue for placement in the high-profile industry, we’ve got you covered. In Chennai, we have curated a list of the top 10 assured placement courses, including the most job-oriented course in Chennai. With the rapid development of Digital India, the IT sector has emerged as a crucial player in the nation’s economy. This has led to an increasing number of aspiring business professionals and technology-based startups. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, it is essential to possess expertise in one of these in-demand courses.

By enrolling in these programs, including the most job oriented course in Chennai, you can enhance your knowledge and skills, positioning yourself for lucrative job opportunities in the IT industry. These courses are designed to equip you with the latest industry-relevant skills and ensure you are well-prepared to contribute to the growth of the sector. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your chances of success by choosing one of these assured placement courses in Chennai.

Dream It → Believe It → Achieve It

When there is a dream there will be a belief and with that belief you can achieve your goal.

Self confidence and hard work are likely to get you success. So don’t delay until you’ve reached your main goal to become happy with yourself and make sure you be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.

Here are the Job oriented courses:

1. Digital Marketing Course

“Education Is Truly The Most Strongest Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World”

Digital Marketing is a form of advertising the products through digital channels. With the rapid transferal of advertising from traditional method to online platforms, the need of marketing graduates who are familiar in digital marketing has increased. The Digital Marketing course gives you brief explanation on how to use SEO services, tools and strategies which are playing most important aspects of promotion.

Skills Learn From Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Permeance Marketing
  • Branding
  • Digital Designs
  • Influencer marketing
  • Marketing ROI
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Roles in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • SEO Analyst
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Team Leader
  • Digital Marketing Head
  • Director of Digital Marketing

Pay Scale based on Experience in Digital Marketing

ExperienceJob TitleSalary Range Per month
3 – 6 MonthsInternRs 5000 to Rs 10,000
1 YearExecutiveRs 15,000 to Rs 20,000
2 YearsSr. ExecutiveRs 30,000 to Rs 40,000
3 YearsAssociate LeadRs 45,000 to Rs 50,000
4 YearsTeam LeadRs 50,000 to Rs 60,000
5 YearsAssociate ManagerRs 65,000 to Rs 80,000
6 to 10 YearsManager/DirectorRs 1,00,000+

2. Python Course

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Python is the best course for beginners. Python doesn’t require previous programming experience. Python is a language with simple syntax and powerful libraries set. There are multiple job training institutes in Chennai to learn Python. The python course explains about text and image processing, creation of graphics, and genomics.

Skills Learn From Python:

  • Data Structure Course
  • Python GUI Programming
  • Django
  • OS Module in Python
  • Python N/W
  • Python CGI Programming

Pay Scale And Career Path In Python

To begin with, your skillset will be your weapon – you would possibly land a much better project, better position, and obviously a better salary. Moreover, in programming, you can certainly discover more thus gaining additional skills is not solely beneficial but additionally makes a developer’s career path challenging and interesting. Make sure you attain success stories for a quick impression before you appear for an interview.

For the profitable career options in Python, you should have a thorough knowledge of the multiple scientific or numerical models with efficient algorithms.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Python

  • Software Engineer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer.

3. Full Stack Development Course

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Full-stack development involving both front and back-end development of application. Now-a-days, companies looking for full-stack developers because multiple professionals work on the development takes more time and it would be complex. This full-stack development course provides a seamless transition from simple developer to stack developer. If you learn full-stack development, you would be expertise in multiple technologies and the job is guaranteed.

Skills Learn From Full Stack Development:

  • JavaScript
  • Front-End framework
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Back-End framework
  • TypeScript
  • API calling
  • SQL
  • Unit Testing
  • User-Authentication

Pay Scale and Career path in Full Stack Development

Full-Stack development are highly-skilled experts in the web development world and is not only an in-demand role across many organizations. Understanding more technologies is certainly a sure-fire way to futureproof your career as the digital landscape continues to evolve. Full-Stack development offers plenty of job growth. Experts agree that Full-Stack development will continue to be an in-demand profession needed to help meet the evolving requirements of businesses that rely on having a strong web presence to appeal to clients and consumers.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Full Stack Development

  • Front-end developer
  • Backend developer
  • Full stack developer

4. Web Designing Course

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

It is a process of intellectualizing and designing web pages by considering visibility and functionality. If you are interested in creativity, then web designing would be the best choice. The demand of web designers is extensive as they can be engaged in any industry. Most of the business are run on websites to reach the customers. This is intended to start a better path toward future studies in web development and design, regardless of how little experience or knowledge you have. Most of the training centers in Chennai are providing both training and placements.

Skills Learn From Web Designing

  • Css
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • Jquery

Pay Scale and Career path in Web Designing

As per the establishment of Labor & Statistics: Career of Web Developers is projected to increase by about 20% from 2012-2022, more quickly than the average for many occupations. Requirements will surely be along with the growing popularity of mobile phones and e-Commerce.

There are literally thousands of companies which hire a web developer for their own front end and back end development projects. Moreover, you can work independently being a graphic designer and boost your own organisation.

Career Opportunities/Designation in Web Designing

  • Web application developer
  • Front end web developer
  • Back-end web developer
  • Design and layout analyst
  • Web marketing analyst
  • Senior web analyst

5. Ionic Course

“A good education is a foundation for a better future.”

Ionic is a free and open source advanced HTML5 framework HTML, CSS, and Javascript components designed to build highly interactive mobile applications. If you are in pursuit of learning mobile app development and start your career being an App Developer, to learn Hybrid Mobile App development using ionic framework. The ionic framework course aims to teach you on how to build an App that work on both android and IOs.

Skills Learn From Ionic:

  • Security & implementation guidance
  • Ionics powerful tools and services
  • End to end app building strategies
  • Learning App development process

Pay Scale And Career Path In Ionic Course

The Ionic training program will help to achieve the goals and to get placed in MNC and Big corporations. A person who has mastered Ionic Training can also do freelance projects that can be very financially fetching.

Career Opportunities/Designation In Ionic

  • Lead client developer
  • Assistant client developer
  • UI designer

6. Software Testing Course

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Software Testing is an action to examine if the actual results match the expected results and also to assure that the software system is Defect free. It involves the execution of a new software fundamental or system component to evaluate several properties of concern. It may also help to identify errors and bugs inside the application. The software testing course aimed to master you in both manual testing and automation testing.

Skills Learn From Software Testing:

  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • Regression tests
  • Acceptance tests
  • Integration/system tests

Pay Scale And Career Path In Software Testing

Software testing is the never ending sector in IT. Scope of software testing is increasing as per the demand in the market and also due to the latest revolution in the IT sector. Some people think that salaries will be less compared to developers in the industry but it’s not true. Salary may be less in the starting period but experienced testers are earning same level package compared to developers.

Career Opportunities/Designation In Software Testing

  • Test Lead
  • Project Lead
  • Automation Architect
  • Test Manager etc
  • Ultimately everyone reaches to the manager level.

7. PHP Course

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.”

PHP represents an acronym of Hypertext Markup Language. This is the most well-liked server-side scripting that assists in developing dynamic web pages to interact with the users. PHP acts as the most powerful web development language that strengthens the majority of the CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and a lot more. The PHP training is designed uniquely to provide practical experience that makes students feel good while engaging in an industry project.

Skills Learn From PHP:

  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter/li>
  • Symfony
  • Cake
  • Yii
  • Zend Framework

Pay Scale And Career Path In PHP

Starting a career as a PHP Developer is always good. As a programmer you need to have a very good understanding of how development technologies works in general and how are they co-related. PHP is one of the most demanding languages in the current market but also have Cut-throat competition. There a number of openings in PHP to join as a fresher. But after joining, you must learn at least one Framework / CMS in PHP, after that your career growth will be boosted by 200%.

Career Opportunities/Designation In PHP

  • Web Application Developer
  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Application Developer

8. WordPress Course

“Education is a continual process, it’s like a bicycle… If you don’t pedal you don’t go forward.

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), which enables users to build dynamic websites and blog. It’s the most popular blogging system on the web and allows updating, customizing and managing the webpage from its back-end CMS and components. In the WordPress training candidates will be equipped with professional WordPress platform system, and that is highly rated to take their career to the next level.

Skills Learn From WordPress:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • RESTful Services/APIs
  • JQuery
  • Front End Frameworks
  • JavaScript Frameworks

Pay Scale And Career Path In WordPress

WordPress training will help in changing the dream into the reality which will be spontaneous and easy to use. There is an enormous demand for PHP developers who are comfortable with WordPress.WordPress may appear small, but it isn’t. Once you get started, you will dig more and more by yourself and you will eventually figure out the best way for you to learn and to become a part of the WordPress ecosystem.

Career Opportunities/Designation In WordPress

  • CMS developer

9. AngularJS Course

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

AngularJs is probably the most powerful and popular open-source Javascript framework currently available in the market. It can also be modified easily to suit a unique development framework. This Javascript framework will allow you to expand HTML vocabulary hence it is simple that you can cnyreate an expressive, extraordinary result. The AngularJS Training course equips you to create a well responsive pages.

Skills Learn From Angular

  • Single Page Apps
  • Reusable Components
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Forms
  • Routing

Pay Scale And Career Path In Angular

As we all know AngularJs is one of the demanding technology so you can get good salary among other Web developer. It totally depends upon your coding skills in AngularJS and also depend upon company’s policies in which you want to apply.. If you’re a good negotiator you can get higher package. With 0-1yr experience can get 3-5 Lpa and even more if you have excellent knowledge of AngularJS

Career Opportunities/Designation In Angular

  • Front end developer
  • Application Developer

10. Social Media Course

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Social Media Marketing allows individuals and firms to promote products and services on social media or diverting your social media traffic to your website because of a large variety of audiences that might be online. The Social Media Training Course to teach you on how to create viral marketing campaigns using paid, earned and organic social media strategies on various channels.

Skills Learn From Social Media

  • Social Content Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Advertising
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Measuring ROI

Pay Scale And Career Path In Social Media

The salaries of Social Media Marketers are heavily dependent on the kind of skills, experience, and the value they bring to a company or a team and they are mostly independent of the regular salary brackets which traditional organisations adhere to. Which means if you have the right media marketing skills and know how to use them, you already have the potential to mint money. As you grow and climb the ladders of the hierarchy, your salary will increase with your designation.

Career Opportunities/Designation In Social Media

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Digital Content Manager


There are many courses in Chennai but the above listed courses have high scope and great pay scale jobs. We assure that you will be benefited with these software courses. Some training institutes in Chennai offering training cum job placements.

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