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Best Way to Learn Angular 7 from Scratch in 2019

About  Angular Framework

Angular JS (otherwise noted as Angular.js) is a free and open -source computer framework that can be accessed by people all over the world. It is based on an interpreted, light – weight and high – level programming language known as Javascript. It is a major front – end framework, operating under the maintenance of Google and some other corporations and individuals. Such maintenance plays a vital role in solving the issues faced, while developing single page apps. Angular was introduced by Google in the year of 2010. It is a combination of various tools, declarative templates and several integrated practices. Its primary usage is the creation of web applications. All the applications of angular js are accessed on the desktops, mobiles or laptops.

Best Way to Learn Angular 7 from Scratch in 2019

Scope of Angular 7 for front – end Development:

Angular finds applications mainly in the front – end development. But it can also be used for back – end by merging it with node js. The initial angular js framework was not a perfect framework for developers in building applications due to certain complications like technical and performance issues and huge bundle size and so on. In order to avoid such complications, Google had planned to introduce a new version called Angular 7.

In simple words, Angular 7 is an updated version of AngularJS, which was released by Google with some advanced features including drag and drop facilities, virtual scrolling facilities, CLI prompts, partner launches, angular elements, better select accessibilities and better application performance and so on.

In order to develop the front – end of websites, the developers usually go for the tools like javascript, jquery, and CSS3 and HTML5 and so on. It is highly recommended that Angular JS, particularly Angular 7 is a perfect choice for the front – end development of websites. It uses the javascript programming language for development. An unique feature of Angular is that it is the first and foremost framework of javascript that follows an unique MVC pattern. This makes Angular as the best and popular framework, in comparison with the other frameworks using javascript language.

MVC, abbreviated as Model – view – controller is nothing but a pattern used by most of the experienced web developers for ensuring better coding practices, while developing new websites. The following are some of the major reasons for using Angular in case of website development:

  • Maintenance by Google: Makes the web developers to acquire knowledge from the talented Google engineers.
  • Extraordinary features like routing, dependency injection and animation: Helps in the scalability and testing of web components.
  • Reusability of web components: Due to the utilization of MVC patern.
  • Unique data binding capability: Angular allows binding of data in two ways, which cannot be seen in any other similar frameworks.
  • Highly scalable: Suitable for larger projects.
  • Simple coding: Facilitates integration with XML and JSON data.

Prerequisites to learn Angular 7:

If a person wants to learn Angular 7, then he should be aware of the following steps, in prior to learning:

  • Have enough knowledge about the programming tools like javascript, CSS and HTML.
  • Good exposure on the concepts involved in MVC (Model – view – controller).
  • Excellence in HTML usage.
  • Better understanding of DOM (Document Object Model).

In addition to the above requirements, having a considerable knowledge about Java, C++, C# and OOPS concepts will be an added advantage.

Prerequisites for starting development with Angular 7:

  • Selection of language: In order to write codes in Angular 7, the four primary language options available are ES5, Typescript, ES2015 or ES6, and Dart.
  • Installation of 5.0 version of Node Js: In case of no node js in the machine.
  • Selection of code editors: Available code editors for angular are visual studio code, sublime text, and Coda and so on.
  • Installation of angular – cli: Allows faster creation of projects and also faster generation of routers, pipes and components

How to learn Angular 7 from Scratch:

If a person wishes to learn Angular from scratch, then he must know the basics and fundamentals of Angular like the core concepts of Angular, Angular app creation with CLI and exploration of angular features. Thus as a whole, the best way to learn angular 7 involves the learning of the following core concepts:

  • Forms: Angular forms vary from simple to complex.They constitute various fields including emails, numbers, dates, text boxes, option boxes, check boxes and passwords. Besides these, they also constitute a variety of input fields. Each field in angular form appears in multiple pages or tabs.
  • Services: The term service denotes a narrow class that constitutes a well – defined purpose. Its major functionality is the splitting of resources between angular components.
  • Components: In order for an angular application to be created, certain components need to be defined for every UI element, route and screen. Thus the fundamental building blocks of all kinds of angular applications are the components. They are responsible for the control of screen sections. They constitute a class, selector and a section of HTML code. They perform a process called data binding, which involves the binding of properties and DOM elements.
  • Dependency injection: It is a system that supports the injection of services into angular components. The module contains the declaration of dependencies, which are being done with the help of providers’ metadata.
  • Angular CLI: The creation and the development of Angular applications are done mainly with the help of a command line interface tool called Angular CLI. This tool is also responsible for the insertion of files, initialization and configuration of libraries, and commencement and completion of certain tasks and so on. It performs operations like module building, end – to – end testing and unit testing. Such operations are done by the use of web pack, typescript and protractor.
  • Routing: It is a process, where a router module permits the users to navigate from viewing one page to the other page of an application.
  • Unit testing: It involves the testing of a small isolated code piece, and is hence called as Isolated testing. The commonly available tools and libraries for testing an angular 7 app include QUnit, JSUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, and Unit.js and so on. Out of these, the most widely used tools are Jasmine and Karma, where Jasmine is a free and open – source platform for angular testing and Karma is a test runner tool.

Resources to learn Angular 7 from Scratch:

The learning curve of angular is not having an end, since it is a highly complex and vast web development framework. But it can be learnt somewhat from a variety of resources available both online and offline. Online learning involves learning from tutorials. On the other hand, offline learning involves learning from book materials. The best way to learn Angular 7 from scratch in 2019 is the selection of any one of the better resources. Let us discuss some of such learning resources for angular 7 version:

Angular official resources:

  • Quick start – javascript version
  • Quick start – typescript version
  • Advanced documentation
  • Tour of Heroes
  • Cook book

Online resources for learning Angular7:

  • Year of Moo: It is an online platform designed specially for beginners to learn various versions of AngularJS. It constitutes the fundamentals of AngularJS, together with its usage and working procedure. It also defines the important sections of Angular including services, routes, modules, directives and dependency injection and so on.
  • Tutorialspoint: It is one of the excellent online resources available for learning AngularJS. It provides a form of online course to the learners by teaching completely about the MVC architecture, angular overview and its environmental setup. It also offers details regarding the important angular elements like
  • Codeschool: It provides a free interactive online course for learning angularJs. It defines the basic
    sections of angular via text tutorials, exercises and video tutorial formats.
  • Thinkster: It is an exclusive resource for learning angular, since it posses a different approach, while compared with the other angular resources. It splits the whole subject of angular into 12 different sections. Each and every section comprises a detailed and accurate explanation, thereby making the learners to get an easy understanding. All the contents posted here are of high quality.
  • Udemy: It is a step – by – step learning resource for AngularJS. Additionally, it provides a 7 hour video content and 55 lectures for the learners.
  • Codementor: It is a best online angular learning resource with a lot of tricks, tips, tutorials, guides and videos. All these sources are delivered only by the experienced developers of AngularJS.


AngularJS has gained a warm acknowledgement in the field of Information technology. Off course, majority of the MNC software sectors are showing their interests in hiring AngularJS developers, since there is a lot of demand. Though numerous options are available nowadays for learning AngularJS, all are not that much efficient and best for a learner to learn it. The challenge here is that the learner have to choose the best resource option by analyzing its advantages and uniqueness. Also they need to look whether the selected resource contains the recently updated features and functionalities or not.

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