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How to Become a Successful Content Marketer & Skills Every Content Marketer Should Have

Do you love writing? Want to make content writing as your career? You are at the right place as we have got you all covered about the information. Know more about what is content marketing before contemplating on how to grow your career as a content marketer in the competitive world.
As the world is on the rise of digitalization, content marketing expert is gaining a huge lot of momentum. To make the marketing more alluring, digital contents reach the customers directly within seconds compared to the traditional ones.
On the whole, content marketing is crafting the content which is informative, interesting and engaging to the customers. Be it a small enterprise or a big firm, everyone relies on the content in the form of a blog, social media content, emails, webinars, newsletters, videos, live streaming, etc.

Scope of Content Writing:

Content Writing

It’s very obvious that the scope of content writing is very good; you just need to be very precise and creative. The scope is increasing every other day and you know one thing? You can become a successful content marketer in any business since all business needs great content for promoting their business.
Every company is spending a huge chunk of the marketing budget because

  • Content marketing can influence a customer’s decision making.
  • Content marketing can create brand awareness in the market.
  • Content marketing can produce lead generation.

Skills Needed to Become a Successful Content Marketing Expert:

You should possess these skillsets to shine with flying colors as a content marketer in the highly competitive market.

1. Research Skills:

Research SkillsWhen you are required to create a piece of content for a niche say, technical, academics, marketing, you need to research to gain some knowledge and insights about the domain. A content marketer should research about the given topic, collect the data, keywords, note them, and finally organize as content.

2. Creative Writing without Grammatical Error:

Grammatical Writing SkillsAnyone can write content while provided with a reference. But only a very few can make it more creative, interesting, and engaging with the users who read it. A content writer should be skilled in playing with words and should be sound in grammar.

3. Efficient to Write for various Platforms:

Content Marketing PlatformThe content marketer would be in a place to produce content for blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc. Each of those platforms needs a different style of writing. For instance, blog posts are generally personal and opinionated, an ad copy is generally short and persuasive, a social media content should be attractive with images and videos.

4. Writing in accordance with SEO and other technical skills:

SEO SkillsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is inevitable for making your content rank at the top of Google. Optimization has become more important to seek the top position and grab more leads. The factors which play a crucial role in SEO are

  • Researching for primary and secondary keywords
  • Using the keywords at the relevant place
  • Optimizing page title
  • Meta description optimization
  • URL optimization, etc.

As a content marketer, you are supposed to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and tools for analytics. Having a strong command over these skills will make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Designing Skills:

Designing SkillsWhen you become a content marketer, you will be given the task to work with images and visual contents like data visualization, infographics, and editing videos. Having basic knowledge in those tools will save you more time and facilitate you to optimize your content.

Tools for you:

Graphic Design: Canva, Crello,, Snappa
Creating videos: Powtoon, Biteable
Free images: Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash

6. Content and Project Management skills:

Project Management skillsA content marketer takes charge of various tasks like maintaining editorial calendar, posting on social media handles, assigning tasks to their subordinates, managing the blog, tracking metrics, etc. To perform all the above, the content marketer should be strong in project software tools which aids to share and manage the content.

Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer, Asana

7. Optimizing Social Media Handles:

Social Media HandlesAs I have already mentioned, anyone can produce content but crafting a quality, optimized and engaging content is what is going to attract the customers. Contemporarily, social media has become an indispensable platform to communicate with your audience. Thus, as a content marketer, have knowledge about various social media.

How to Become a Content Marketer:

I hope you have got clear information regarding who is a content marketer? what are the skill sets they need to possess? Now, let us discuss how to become a content marketer?

We cannot achieve anything in a night. Make sure you follow these steps when you have already chosen your career as a content marketer.

1. Start Writing your Blog:

Start Writing your Blog

Initially, you will run short of words, your search for more words in the dictionary, you might not know to engage others into your blog, you will get a lot of criticism. Do not worry!
No one has reached a great height without criticism. Find your own interesting domain to write. You can try to create your own website like WordPress, or you could even start building your portfolio in publishing platforms like Quora, medium, when you feel like creating a website, is a bit overwhelming.

2. Search for Freelancing Opportunities:

earch for Freelancing Opportunities

To build your portfolio, you could work as a freelance content marketer. Register for freelance content marketing jobs in Upwork and Fiverr. Build your portfolio by grabbing more clients and as soon as you have acquired enough knowledge, try to find independent freelancing jobs or get hired as a full-time employee.

3. Get your hands on an Internship:

hands on an Internship

The next good option is to apply for internships. There are umpteen companies who hire freshers and recently passed outs for performing various assignments. Note that, they will not pay more, but the experience and the knowledge you are going to acquire is immense. You will be allocated under professionals who themselves have years of experience and you can easily help you to improvise the standard of your content.

4. Pursue Certification Courses for Content Marketing:

Content Marketing Certifications

Boost your skill set in content marketing by completing a course either online or offline. Such courses may add value to your portfolio.  Free content marketing course certifications: Hubspot, Udemy, and Google Garage.

Choosing Content Marketing as your Career:

There will be a hell lot of questions revolving around your head about the career options a content marketer is going to get. No doubt, content marketing is one of the fast-growing platforms because anything and everything in business is through marketing and for that, you need a quality and engaging content.

At the end of 2018, the average salary of a content marketer in India is 5,42,000 INR/year. The salary depends upon the experience the candidate holds and it may even reach to 11,00,000INR/year.

1. Know the market:

Finding Content marketing Jobs:
Now that you are familiar with the content marketing career, it is time to learn how to find a suitable job for your profile.

2. Make Guest Contributions:

To make your online presence to reach the employers, search and find key publications and share your work and ask for a chance to make guest contributions to them. This will get some influential connection.
Explore websites such as HubPages, EzineArticles, etc to make your contribution.

3. Influence Connections:

Leverage contacts from marketing professionals to obtain references and recommendations for your job. You can very well use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get connections that will pull you to your dream job.

4. Make use of Job Portals and Online Platforms:

The simplest way to get a job is to register in most of the job portals available. You can easily discover a job and apply for it when you think you will best fit in that role. Over 1600 jobs are available every day for a content marketer online. All you need to do is to identify the company and job which suits you the best. Once you are called for an interview, try to know more about the company, their products, work culture, etc to be more confident.

Wrapping up:

Millions of blog posts, social media posts, and other contents are piled up on the internet. In order to make yourself visible to others, you need to be more creative, consistent and think analytical. Courseinn Academy offers a certification course on content marketing wherein you can explore different words to attract the readers, the professionals there will teach you how to write creatively and interactively. They will also provide you a hands-on session in various tools for the content marketer.

Come and acquire strong ingenious writing skills along with a keen eye for metrics and utilization of right tools from our industry expert professionals.

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